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Notes for the journey to your dream life

7 Things You Need To Give Up To Manifest With Ease

November 16, 2016

Unlike what some spiritual teachers might let you understand, manifesting is really simple. Only our minds tend to give it complicated shapes, that only serve as good excuses for projected failures. Manifesting is really about having emotional and mental clarity on the desired outcome and coming into full alignment with what you want. Once you […]

5 Key Strategies To Master Sales

October 26, 2016

I fell in love with sales when I realized that it’s all about reaching out, connecting and being able to relate to people. Over time, I discovered that making a sale has everything to do with emotions and emotional needs, and, surprisingly, nothing to do with logic or pragmatism. People are emotional shoppers, it’s a […]

5 Simple Hacks To Become More Productive

October 6, 2016

Think about this… only 20% of your actions actually drive 80% of your results. This means that slogging away at your business simply isn’t the right road to success. In fact, the most productive AND successful people know how to work short, focused hours, and then take some time off. There are 5 productivity secrets […]

7 Quick Mindset Shifts To Live A Purposeful Life

June 15, 2016

Can you imagine waking up one day and realising you´re not really living your life? Realising that, in fact, you are just living the life  your family, your parents, your teachers, your friends and society norms told you to live? Can you imagine finding yourself so far away from who you are, that you need to start looking for […]