Feeling like you’ve ‘tried everything’ when it comes to creating more abundance into your business and life?

Maybe you’ve journaled, meditated for days. Maybe your house is the positive affirmations post-its kingdom… And you’re trying to visualize your success everyday….

But even so, something is missing: the cash to show for all your work.

So here’s a truth: you can know everything there is to know about marketing, sales, and funnels. You can even be the best at your craft, but if you have a money mindset that isn’t set for high levels of financial abundance, then you’ll never enjoy true wealth.

If you want to rewire your subconscious mind, so you create more wealth and ease, in a much easier and quicker way that you have ever thought possible.… then follow the three hacks below:

1.Set new beliefs that feel empowering and credible

The first reason why sometimes you get stuck and cannot embrace new, more empowering beliefs is that you’re reaching outside of your trust zone.

I know you heard of and are familiar with the ‘comfort zone’ concept, but what does the trust zone mean?

The trust zone is you knowing who you need to be and feeling that you are or you are about to become the person able to reach your goals.

Being in your trust zone is you feeling that you can handle the success you desire.

Each level you are longing for requires a new version of yourself. A new version of who you are supposed to be to reach that level and handle the success there.

If you are jumping over the inner work of becoming that person, chasing the goal directly instead, then you’ll get stuck. You’ll feel you can’t push yourself into believing what you want.

Let’s imagine that you’d love to start believing you’re creating a multimillion-dollar business in 2018.

Starting to believe that, showing up and creating from that kind of energy would be amazing.

But you’ll never be able to embrace that belief if it’s outside of your trust zone.
If you don’t honestly trust that it’s possible for you to achieve a multimillion-dollar business in 2018 and handle the kind of success that comes with it.

So as you can’t step into that trust that you are the person who can create all that, try as you may, you’ll not make yourself believe that you can build a multimillion dollar business in 2018.

Action needed from your side? When you embrace new beliefs, make sure they are in your zone of trust so that you can stay aligned with your higher self.

This doesn’t mean that the zone of trust doesn’t change over time.

It just means that you are growing gradually, without jumping stages and sabotaging yourself.

When you are creating from outside of your zone of trust, you create by default.

You can’t hear your inner guidance because you are not aligned with your higher self, and all you do is stay busy. You are busy doing, doing, doing and staying stuck and overwhelmed.

But when you do stay in your zone of trust, trusting you are about to become the person who can hit the goals that you are setting for yourself that’s when you create on purpose.

You can follow your inner guidance, your intuition. The answers come to you easier, and you are not afraid to give yourself the space to be alone, stay silent and tune into your intuition.

… set beliefs that feel empowering, but are still inside your trust zone
…. make sure you understand who you need to become to live the life you’re aiming for.
…. start acting like that person.

Your identity is built based on your actions.

So if you want to become that person who is building a multiple six-figure business in 2018, then start showing up from that place of confidence, power, and inspiration. From that place where you already have the faith that you can create all that.

It’s not about ‘fake it till you make it’.

It’s about acting it until you become it.

2.Don’t ignore your doubts. Deal with them.

The second main reason why it’s quite hard to embrace new beliefs when it comes to your financial abundance is that you’re trying to adopt new thoughts while ignoring your doubts.

So here’s a truth: you can’t push through your doubts by sheer willpower.

You might be feeling like a fraud in your business right now…
And the truth is that even the most powerful, financially and professionally successful women on this planet are regularly dealing with doubts and the impostor syndrome.

The difference between these women and the rest is that they don’t try to ignore their doubts. They deal with them!

The action steps?
1. Formulate your new empowering thought/mantra and say it out loud
2. Notice the doubts that are coming up
3. Addressed them in the improved version of your mantra / new belief

Let’s say you want to embrace this new belief: ‘I’m creating multiple 6-figures in 2018’. And the moment you say it out loud, a doubt creep in: ‘But it’s so hard! It’s so much work!’

When you acknowledge and address your doubt, the newly improved mantra (and future new belief) will be… ‘I’m creating multiple 6-figures in 2018 with ease, while working smarter. Or something else, along these lines.

3.Feel your new beliefs into reality

Both spiritual teachers and neuroscience show that you create not only with your thoughts, not only with your words but, above all, with your emotions.

The mind triggers the body, but also the body triggers the mind. And that’s why it’s essential to feel the new beliefs into your body. And access the state that comes with your new beliefs through your body.

The most powerful two questions that you can ask yourself to feel into your new belief are…
1. How does that thought make me feel?
2. Where in my body do I feel it the strongest?

Allow yourself to access the state, the energy of your new beliefs through the feelings in your body.

It’s the easiest quickest way to speed up the rewiring of your subconscious, align yourself with the energy of your new beliefs, and create the abundance, freedom, and purpose waiting for you.

Applying the hacks above will not make your life perfect. But they will make your change permanent. You’ll think, feel, and live more abundance and ease in your business and life.

If you’ve been reading this far, it’s clear that money mindset is something that you’re interested in….

And you might be thinking… I’ve tried everything and failed so many times…

You just need to nail it once in order to change your entire business and life. 

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