There are many people talking about money mindset.

Most of them 
are hardly making any money.

Some of them 
are making some money,
but from a place of push
and hard hustle.

 Nothing wrong with any of them.
I truly believe there is a tribe for every message.

The thing that drives me crazy though 
is the misinformation.

The spread of myths and principles that not only that are not true
but they make it harder for people to fully access all what is in store for them.

Here are 3 of the top myths I deeply encourage you to look into
and release, in case you’ve been buying into them…


 1. You need to be in a high vibe in order to make money.
I had a heaven revelation when I realized the lie in this concept.

Money is a frequency.
It is not judging you if you qualify or not to receive it.
The only one judging you is YOU.

And if you believe you don’t deserve to receive more, faster, easier
because you are not ready yet, in the right vibe yet, good enough yet, etc
than THAT is being reflected to you. 

You can have it all imperfect in your business and life and still get well paid for your work.

 Stop beating yourself up for not being in the right vibe for money.
You are when you decide you are.

2. Fake it till you make it.
I guess the f… ness of this concept is self-explanatory.
As long as you feel you are ‘faking’ it, you keep feeling like an impostor.
Not good enough. Not an energetic match for the frequency of wealth. 
What I do encourage my clients and students is to

‘Embody it, until you become it’

 The difference? A big energetic and emotional one:
Instead of pretending to be someone else, you just channel your future self.
You commit to feeling the emotions, thoughts and taking the actions of that YOU.
Until you become that you.

 3. Just use positive thinking and affirmations

SO much to say about this one.
But here’s the short version:
it will never work if you go against your subconscious mind
and against your old emotional wounds.

Imagine a completely stuffed closet where you try to put your new 
pretty clothes, that will help you feel abundant, happy and excited.

You got the idea, right?
The new pretty pieces will keep falling out,
until you decide to make space for them.

Bottom line,
while there are MANY ways to bring yourself
become a vibrational match for your success, ease and wealth
and you can always choose the path that fits you the best

there is one fundamental part that you cannot ever skip or get an alternative for:

Your inner healing.

The only way to 

  1. start feeling deserving and good enough now
  2. start connecting yourself to your higher self, receiving your guidance from there
  3. make space for the bigger, better reality you can see in your heart.


Healing your old emotional wounds will be giving you
a lot less emotional spinning
a more fulfilled life
a stronger connection to your divine self (higher self/soul)
a more open access to your creativity, inspiration and higher wisdom
an increasing ease to follow the path of your soul
That higher force behind the scene that wants you to have it ALL.

Remember, connecting to your Higher Self 
does not happen mentally
but mostly emotionally.

So isn’t it time to heal those emotional wounds and allow your flow – flow?

 Take out your journal and answer these questions:

  1. What do you need to heal right now, so you can move forward with more ease?
  2. Why is it necessary you heal that?
  3. What is the energy you are now inviting into your life.

Check what is coming up.
Own it.
Take the first step.

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