There is something about the truly inspiring, 
abundant people
that used to puzzle me:

Their self-centeredness
the full freedom 
they give themselves
to be who they are.

Doing what they KNOW
they are meant to do.

Without looking for approval
Without caring about judgment.
Without seeking to please.

This confidence, this power….
I used to believe
it’s all about acting it 
(my mind always rejected the ‘faking’ part:)
until you are making it.

But here’s the downside of just ‘acting’ it:
You know you are not that person.

So the more you try to cover up the gap inside
the more effort you put into it
and it works… until it doesn’t.

Tiredness, lack of motivation, overwhelm…
they all come as a result of
going against yourself
while, well, polishing the turd.

It works, it takes you places.
But it’s tiring AF and that inner hole…
it keeps creeping on you.

How You Create True Abundance

Here’s what I found and been reminded of
through the deep journey I’ve taken this year:

True freedom and abundance
come from a healed center.
And you get there by going within yourself.

Getting there takes you through

1. Healing the hurt and releasing it from your identity.
How many times have you found yourself healing the same ol’ same ol’ stories?
They’ll be released only when you stop identifying yourself with them.

2. Learning what compassion and love for yourself feels like.
What a puzzle for most of us running on not- enoughness’ stories

3. Anchoring your energy strongly into your vision.
And stabilizing yourself into that next level 
BEFORE any evidence shows up.
It’s called faith.

And… it is accessible only after you go through the first two steps.

Once you do that?
You stand up tall, grounded and free from the inside.
You magnetize people, opportunities and money like never before.
You discover a new deeper sense of purpose, life and abundance.
You experience pure joy – as the prevalent tune of your mind, body and heart.
Your presence becomes inspiring and transformative, 
while you are just doing… you.

That is the freedom and abundance I am here to embody
And guide others through.

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