Something very few people realize.
Something even less people speak about:

There are some major misconceptions around money
that keep the great majority of people stuck in scarcity, hard work and frustration around money. Around their freedom. Around their lives.

Today I’m breaking down the top 4 consciousness distortions
Something I’ve shared only with my private clients – until now:

Why? Because I feel that it’s time to help pull up the veil in a bigger, higher way
so more of us – uplifters, change-makers, and visionaries
can truly start doing the work we came here for.Tune into each of these money lies
and check if there is any part of you that’s been buying into them.

1. You need to be in high-vibe in order to receive more money
The pressure you are putting on yourself –
to feel good, to radiate joy, and excitement
and the guilt when you can’t make it
convinced that this will destroy all your money flow.

2. You have to deserve the money in order to receive it.
And since you truly deeply believe what you’ve been taught
you work yourself hard for every cent you receive
and dread how much more work it’s needed
to take your money further – since there are only 24 hours in a day…

3. Wealth makes people become different = worst
So, while wanting more money,
you secretly or even unknowingly,
dread about how that will spoil who you are.
Or, worst, who your children become.

4. Your money flow depends on the general context, economy, etc
So you feel powerless while depending on the circumstances.
Which activates the victim mentality, which separates you from your creator powers.

What are the truths – instead of the above?
Money is a frequency.
You don’t have to earn it
You just need to access it.
And you access it when you become a vibrational match for it.
Just like tuning into a radio station.

You can access money, no matter your mood,
the overall context of your life
your story or your circumstances.

All that matters is the frequency you choose and hold NOW.
What you DECIDE, FEEL and KNOW you are accessing.
That simple. And that hard to accept for its simplicity.

Money doesn’t make you be someone else.
It just helps you embody more of who you truly are.
Because now you have the resources to express yourself fully.

And finally – your money does not depend on nobody and nothing exterior to you.
In times of economic growth there are people who live in poverty
and in big depressions there are people who thrive.
Because we all create our individual fortune. And reality.

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