I deeply believe this:

Growing our soul business
is the most spiritual journey I’ve been on.

Because it kicks my butt
it pushes me to look beyond
what I am used to see
it stretches me in all I feel, know and hold
it helps me heal…

and gives me the fire to elevate again and again,
expand further, go past the reality limits
and play in fields that would have never been
accessible to a human like mine before.

But out of the entire journey
there is one part that has fueled it all:

The transformation of my relationship
with myself.

Please understand,
I am still a work in progress
and I work on myself
every single day.

But through this journey so far,
something magical has happened:

I surpassed the odds.
I created a reality
hardly predictable
for someone like me.

I turned the kid born
to a middle class family
in a provincial city
at the end of the communist (at that time) Europe

Into a woman who has more and more moments
when she truly feels she’s having it all:
the business, the freedom,
the purpose, the impact,
the family, the love – the life… all of it.


The 4 BIG Shifts…

Along the way, I had to learn
1. how to turn inside and create life
and business fully for my soul
without the need to perform
or get validated by others

2. how to accept and start loving myself
– this has been the hardest so far,

I used to be so so hard on myself,
calling it ambition and high performance vibe…

3. how to trust myself and my powers
before any evidence.

This one required the biggest commitment as…

Sometimes I fell short of my own expectations.
Sometimes I did not follow through.

And I learnt from all of it, reframed, pivoted
and I continued growing unwavering faith.

4. completely rewriting my relationship with money
and elevating it into the levels of freedom, ease and trust
that I could have never dreamt of before.

Living in a million dollar house
while running my soul business
and expanding

would have been a fantasy –
just a short few years ago.

And still here we are.
Because the odds do not count,
the past does not matter.

Where we place our energy
How much power we conjure up
And how big we dare to dream
is all that is relevant
to where we go from here.


I am moving. Faster, higher, bigger.
than ever before.

Want to walk with me into your next levels?


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