Recently, we visited this Maldives island in the middle of tropical waters.

I snorkeled there, for the first time.
And discovered the underwater world.
So much more real, colorful and fun than in my imagination. ????

I stayed with my 5-year old watching the stars and the moon while laying down on the white sandy beach washed by calm waves in the evening. 
Pure magic.?️??

We spent hours looking at the infinity line of the shimmering turquoise ocean. ??
We had our always smiling butler bring us innumerous fruit juices. And still counting.
I worked a bit, I napped a bit, I played throughout the day.

And, yes, I had money regularly coming in, while doing all the above.

This is not the life I was born with.
This is the life I chose.

The 5 essential energy and beliefs shifts that brought me here?
1. I decided to know that whatever I put my attention on gets created and immediately brought in by the physical reality

2. The path to my dreams is THROUGH the energy of those dreams. 
Once you embody it, the physical manifestation becomes inevitable.

3. The only ESSENTIAL piece for life creation is DECIDING. 
That feeling of knowing, calmness, centeredness. Godliness. 
Once you align with that – it is done.

4. The alignment work is an ongoing work. 
It’s like going to the gym regularly, so you have a nice healthy body at 30, 35, 45, 50+….

You don’t train once and expect that goodness continue in the physical reality forever. 
The practice is ongoing.

5. Zero moaning, protesting or complaining – essential. 
The most fulfilled ( rich in all senses) people I know rarely complain. 
And it’s not because they are already successful, but quite the opposite.

It’s about embodying the energy of growth and love.
It’s about choosing faith over anything else. 
Again, and again, and again.

So here you have it.
Now go commit to this inner work for outer magic journey.


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