The biggest question all my clients start with is:
How can I grow faster, better and easier?

And the answer, most of the times,
lies much beyond any strategy or brand design.

It simply lies in the need to release resistance.

Resistance to letting go of control.
Resistance to trusting.
Resistance to growing.

The resistance that hides in the tiny details of your day to day life.

Want to know some of the main shifts I am encouraging my clients to make?
I am sharing some of them below:

1. Stop seeking approval. Choose to trust yourself.

The actions taken out of the need of approval lack power and excitement.
Because you show up and create based on other peoples’ standards or values.

Mantra for you:
I now choose to start trusting myself.
I now choose to start taking myself, my needs and desires seriously.
I now choose to let go of the need of exterior approval.


2. Let go of busyness.
Start feeling good enough the way you are.

Let’s face it, busyness leaves no space for creativity and change.
Busyness squeezes the joy out of life.
And it is truly an avoidance of the real living.

Mantra for you:
I’m now choosing to be more intentional in my doing.
It’s safe for me to be more and do less.
I’m now choosing to know I am lovable the way I am.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Allow yourself to be inspired instead
How crippling this ‘keeping up with the Joneses mentality’ is!

Mantras for you:
I’m now choosing to own how far I’ve come.
I’m choosing to see my strengths and qualities.
I’m blessing the wins I see in others, as they help me feel and access that energy too.


4. Stop complaining. Start focusing on your want.
In simple terms, complaining is a scarcity reflexion.
There’s not enough for me. I am not enough myself.

Mantras for you:
I’m now choosing to focus on where I am going rather than where I am
Where I go has nothing to do with where I am.


5. Stop being self-critical. Start practicing self-love.
This is a tough one, but being self-judgmental
creates an inner critic who abuses your mind and emotions 24/7.
It’s not only unpleasant. It’s lethal.

Mantras for you:
I’m choosing to start feeling whole and complete the way I am
I am now choosing to practice kindness and love towards myself.
And I am now choosing to accept my weaknesses and cultivate my skills.

Start practicing these shifts in any order you want.
And remember, we are not aiming for perfection.
We are aiming for continuous growth.


PS Abundance and scarcity are calibrated in the micro-moments
rather in the drastic big decisions.

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