Recent conversation:

Her: ‘I have so many ideas, I get super excited with each one,
and then I start questioning these ideas.
I start questioning myself…

Me: And what happens next?

Her: I fall back into postponing.
And I feel bad inside for doing it.
And then I just find myself losing steam and motivation.
I know I’m slowing myself down so much…

How familiar does that sound?

Release Fear. Shift Into Motivation and Trust

Now here’s the truth:
Fear will always find ways to creep in.
Resistance will keep showing its head up.
And lack of motivation will visit occasionally.

We can’t stop that.

But what we can do is learn how to pivot out of it.
And return back to feeling motivated
feeling deeply grounded into our mission
and firmly anchored into our power and truth.

This week’s video shares a quick but powerful process

that helps with exactly that.

Use this and pivot back into your power
in 5 minutes or less.

You can watch this video directly on my Youtube channel too.

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where you feel deeply held
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expansion, impact and freedom

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