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2022 was the year when
I made one of the biggest
investments in my business.

I was ready to play BIG.
build an empire
boom my success.

and when I was in full run
pushing rainbows left and right,
I heard a stellar crack
and then I saw myself collapsing.

the doctors words
felt like spoken underwater: breast cancer.

drop from cloud 9. and rock bottom hit.

AND… one year and a half later
I now see – that was the biggest reset in my whole life.

because from there…
everything went upwards.

so here are 7 highly annoying but true signs
that your business and money growth healing
is happening right now.

and you are actually making progress.

1. Hard work stops working.
The way you used to do things before
but was sucking the life out of you
simply does not work anymore.

2. You get hit into your rejection wounds and your insecurities are bubbling up
3. Your body goes crazy and comes up with health problems that stab you by the back
4. You call in the high level clients but it feels you’re speaking in the void.
5. You question your purpose and the work you thought you are here for.
6. The business is slowing down, or even going backwards.
7. You feel like you are dying. Period. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually.

underneath of it all… you also feel
this is a new beginning.

and you are stepping into a whole new level
of being YOU.



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