Can you imagine waking up one day and realising you´re not really living your life? Realising that, in fact, you are just living the life  your family, your parents, your teachers, your friends and society norms told you to live?

Can you imagine finding yourself so far away from who you are, that you need to start looking for yourself?

This is a true story, one that I lived. And, if this sounds familiar… you are not alone.

80% of people hate their jobs, according to a Deloitte’s Shift Index survey. So, 80% of working people live lives that erode their self-esteem, lower their sense of self and create an emptiness inside…

I don´t know what to do with my life… I feel kinda lost… Can´t figure out what my life purpose is…. These are thoughts you most probably get to hear from the voice between your ears, but also from many other people around…

What if you live your entire life only to discover that it was wrong?

What is your life work? What is that you showed up to do?

Figuring out the meaning of your life, why you are here, is the only way to get into your power place and start living a fulfilling, heart-centered and balanced life. With no major regrets at its end.

I´ve started this very journey 10 years ago. And the following 7 mindset shifts unexpectedly turned my path into a much chipper and fulfilling ride.

  1. Finding Purpose is not about the destination. It is all about the journey…

Eckhart Tolle, in “A New Earth, Awakening To Your Life Purpose”, explains that we have an Inner Purpose, as well as an Outer Purpose.

The Inner (Spiritual) Purpose is to be here & now. To fully accept and embrace our life, to fully live it. And to consciously decide to be happy today.

The Inner Purpose is to make a conscious habit out of being happy.

The Outer Purpose is our mission. The way we are meant to serve this world, giving it our unique skills and talents. The way we can contribute to other people´s lives.

So, putting things into perspective, the inner purpose is our life journey, while our outer purpose is our destination.

The most important piece of understanding here, that many of us miss, is that the quality of the destination always depends on the quality of our journey. If there is constant dissatisfaction and denial along the way, the destination cannot be a genuinely happy and truthful experience.

Think about those moments in your life when you were so excited to finally get to a certain destination. Even the mere thought of going there was giving you joy, and the sweet anticipation was getting you all fired up.

But then, for unfortunate reasons, an unpleasant trip towards that destination twisted everything. You reached there tired, bent out of shape and sore. And the long awaited experience turned in just another reason to be fuming at the world. Nothing came of the hoped for experience you had been swooning over before.

Life works the same in small things and big things. We can´t make ourselves miserable every day, and still hope that tomorrow will suddenly get happy.

We need to step into that state of happiness, practice it and own it. Every day. And the uncovering of our outer purpose will follow.

In the end, we might just find that purpose is not about the destination, but about the journey…

  1. When in doubt, think what your Highest version would do.

Our Inner (Spiritual) Purpose is to always try to be our best version right now, in the present moment. And, for that to happen, we need to make a conscious choice to connect with the Highest within ourselves.

We always have a choice: we either go forward, towards being more connected to the Highest version of ourselves, or we go backwards, further away from that version.

If you´ll consistently step backwards, you´ll just create a huge gap between where you are and your potential. A huge gap between where you are and yourself.

So, in case you choose to go forward…

The short path, that you can quickly use when feeling stuck, fearful or in doubts:

Just ask yourself: “What would the Highest version of me do in this moment?”.

Let your intuition give you the answer. The first one that pops up in your mind. And do that!

The longer & deeper path, that you can use for more important events, when you need all your inner guidance and intuition:

Find a quiet place and a quiet moment.

Put yourself in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Breath in. Deeply, and, at the top, hold 1 sec. Then, release.

Breath in, hold. Release

Breath in, hold. Breath out.

Breath in one more time. Hold. Breath out.

Get deeper into the calmness of your breathing. Become aware of it. And allow yourself to experience that calmness.

When you find yourself completely relaxed, see yourself in a place where you feel peaceful and secure. A beach, a forest, a childhood place… Choose the most peaceful place that comes to your mind.

Once you are there, see your Higher Self approaching. It can have any shape, or form you choose. You just have to know – keep this awareness – that that is your most successful, wise, creative, and self-actualized Self.

See that vision coming closer. Close enough, until you can listen to its voice.

Now, you can ask questions, and you´ll get answers unfiltered by your conscious mind. Just choose to hear / know / feel the first answer that pops up after each question.

  1. Make a clear difference between your WANTS and your NEEDS

More often than not, we mistake our wishes – that dictate our priorities, goals, actions and outcomes – for our needs.

But what makes us happy is fulfilling our mind, body and heart needs. While exclusively going after our wishes generally leaves us empty and lost.

We say…

I want a job that makes me lots of money.

And we forget that… I need a job that makes me feel happy and meaningful.

I want to get promoted and have success. While forgetting that I need love in my life.

So… take a moment and think:

What do you need right now?

If you only had 3 months to live, what would you be doing??

  1. Focus more on Feeling than on Doing. 

Usually, people are all about doing. They are doing, doing, doing, in the hopes that this will give them a better being, a better state somewhere in the future.

The truth is that doing and being are not really connected. At least not the way we think. Our state of being is rather dictated by the way we choose to feel… And the meaning of our lives comes from feeling rather than from doing.

It´s the way we choose to feel that makes us be in a certain way and find meaning.

So, when going about your regular activities in your life, take the time to stop and ask yourself: How does this make me feel, on a scale from 1 to 10? If it´s not giving you a good enough level of satisfaction (it can be 7, 8 or above, you decide), then it´s not serving your life purpose.

If that activity was serving your mission, no matter the bumps in the road, you´d be still passionate, pumped up and enthusiastic about it.

  1. Share your dreams only with like-minded persons.

People that gave up their dreams usually go through life discouraging other people. They are the naysayers trying their best to talk others out of their ideas. To convince them that living their dreams is not possible, just because it was not possible for them.

So, a lot of people end up not living their life purpose, just because they believe they need permission to. And this permission never comes, or doesn´t come in the form they expect it to.

So, just choose share your dreams only with the people that resonate on the same frequency as you do. So that you get inspired and you can also inspire others too.

  1. Relax, you´re always on the right track!

Even if sometimes we feel lost and off track, we can never lose our way.

You´re always on your path. Even if at times you don´t manage it that well.  🙂

Even if you´re making choices that are harming you.

Your path is always ahead of you.

Your personal choices can only make the journey harder or chipper. But you´re always on your path – the path of learning and and becoming a better version of yourself.

  1. Ditch what you´ve been told your life should look like

What makes you successful may not necessarily fulfil you. Nevertheless, many people are living a success script. The script they´ve been educated on since childhood.

Following this script, you´ll probably get successful, all right, but, eventually, you´ll end up finding yourself unfulfilled and unhappy.

You´ll get to achieve your highest goals and… yet… “Is this all there is?!” question will still pop up, bringing new disappointment and a new share of dissatisfaction with the life´s bigger picture.

You´ll be doing all the “right” things, but your sense of living half-life, getting more lost and dispirited will continue to grow.

Success without fulfilment is a failure.

And the only way to change the game is to change its rules. You need to let go of other peoples´ expectations and definitions of success. Let go of living other peoples´ lives. Let go of all the efforts to make your living look like what you´ve already seen before.

Your life purpose is all about you, your soul´s needs and your talents.

It´s your path, that awaits to be created, on your own terms.

It´s your unique gift to this world.

And it´s your own, personal truth.

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