Unlike what some spiritual teachers might let you understand, manifesting is really simple. Only our minds tend to give it complicated shapes, that only serve as good excuses for projected failures.

Manifesting is really about having emotional and mental clarity on the desired outcome and coming into full alignment with what you want. Once you achieve these two conditions, it becomes easy to build faith, take inspired actions and surrender to the Universe.

Over the years, I found out that the most important part of the manifesting process is to cultivate a high vibe. And, while it seems easier said than done, I discovered that gratitude practice coupled with giving up some of the things and habits that were draining my life energy made a huge difference. And helped me shift from just spinning my wheels and going nowhere to staying centered, grounded and manifesting swiftly and with ease.

Giving up the following things that I am about to share, shifted my energy and invited in a flow of relief, grace and freedom. So, here they are…

1.Give up the need for control

Let´s face it, it´s impossible to control everything. In fact, the more you try to control things, the more frustrated you become and the lower you pull your vibe down

2. Give up your negative self-talk

That little voice between your ears that repeats how you are too much or too less, how you never get your needs met, how you always screw it up… Stop believing everything your mind tells you about your limitations, because it´s not about you, it´s just about your fears.

3. Give up complaining

You are the only one who decides what to focus on and what things mean to you. You can choose to beat yourself up and keep yourself down, suffering for all that you don´t have. Or you can choose to honor what you do have, cultivate your deep gratitude for it and build on your passion and need to get even further, with each step.

4. Give up the negative language patterns

You just need vocabulary words such as “It is killing me”, “it drives me crazy”, “hate”, “I can´t”, “it´s impossible”, “it won´t happen”, “everything always”… and their language friends.

5. Give up draining relationships and circumstances

The truth is that nobody needs to be saved by you. And you should question everything that feels bad, draining or unbalanced. This is not to encourage you to turn your back on other people, but rather to remind you that everything is a reflection of you and the wisdom stays in being able to see the problem inside you and to do the necessary inner work.

6. Give up trying too hard

There is an old proverb that says that “A watched pot never boils”. You just need to learn to have faith and surrender. Trying too hard means, in fact, doubting, being unable to let go of your need for control and forcing your will on everything. And this is exactly what blocks the manifesting.

7. Give up the past

Your past is truly irrelevant when it comes to what you can achieve. Each day is a clean slate and your future depends only on one thing: what you choose to do NOW.

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