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It’s time for you to bring into existence everything you see in your heart

You’d like to live a meaningful,
fun and heart-centered life,
but you can’t push yourself to make the change.

Sometimes you sit in your office and look out the window.
You fantasize about leaving behind
the grueling mess on your desk and just going outside in the fresh air,
breathing freely and graciously walking away, with full courage and no fears.

You have lots of ideas
about what your life would be like
if only you could power through your fears,
onuses and lack of confidence.

But then again, you are a successful woman.
It says so on your fancily titled business card.

And successful women have high responsibilities,
and ought to meet high expectations.
Even the idea of a radical change comes with the lurking fear of failure.

Sometimes you craze about what your life would be if you did what you truly love, but other times, you just flounder the inner buzzkill, and feel stuck, like a fixture in your office.

Does this sound familiar?

I´m Cristina and I help women like you to get to live fulfilling, balanced, and fun lives. Exactly as they are dreaming of.

I am a passionate money mindset mentor and breakthrough coach that follows her vocation working with highly motivated professional women who want to get in touch with their deepest values and dreams, to crystallize their vision, and to easily and quickly create the lives they wish to live.

What does this mean for you? I know how to help you push through your inertia, (self) doubts and lack of confidence and help you create a clear vision, a clear path and, ultimately, a life that brings you fulfilment, purpose and happiness.

How do I know all this? Because I first practised on myself, I have been where you are, and pulled myself out of there. My life today is a living proof that everything I am offering and teaching is something that you can achieve also. Ultimately, I know that my story can be your story… The story of a happy woman.

I now have as a full-time job the occupation that seemed just a dream not so long ago. I am blessed with a wonderful family. And I even get to wake up every morning with the sound of the ocean, exactly like I have always dreamed of… Had I written the above words 5 years ago, they would have seemed only a nice note for a utopic dream… But I pinch myself sometimes and I know it is all for real!

My story

It was a normal day in the office, 5 years ago. Lots of work, stress, deadlines, work and more stress. Between phone calls and meetings, I took a deep breath and looked at the green park lying under the windows of my 16th-floor office. It was a sunny summer day and the park lake was glittering in the light. As if millions of sparkles were lit at the same time. I was sitting on my chair, in the air conditioning of my closed office, but I could almost feel the soft wind that was brushing the lake, rippling those zillions of tiny waves. And then and there, I had a revelation: all that energy, all that huge stress, all that tiredness…. all my life energy was used to help a bank sell money!

I have never felt as useless as I did in that very moment. The peak of my executive career, the track of a prodigy child with impressive success records in huge international organizations… it all suddenly felt built on an immense uselessness.

That day passed, like any other, but left me with something that was to change my life. I continued to go to the same office and do the same job, while, during thinking breaks, I kept staring at the same park and the same lake…. But something inside of me was changed. By that time, I knew already that I was meant for something else, for something that would warm my heart and give meaning to my life, when discovered.

My Struggle

One day, after 12 years of the corporate world, I was ready for the change. I took the first step on the path of my heart, I left my fancy titled position behind, I married the man I loved, I followed him to the other end of Europe and went through a deep, long and painful identity search. I had to push my way through all the fears, doubts, failure anxieties and lack of courage.

It took me 3 years to find my way, by working alone on my mindset and transformation and redefining myself as a woman, as a new mother, as a new part of a new culture and country, as a professional and as a human being.

The end of this struggle brought my dream to life.

How can my story help you?

I went through a long, bumpy and sometimes pretty painful process of touching base with my heart calling, getting clarity on my life purpose, and finally feeling ready to build for myself that life that completely fulfills me – personally and professionally –, gives me balance, meaning and peace of heart and mind.

On this personal journey, I lived a lot, I experimented a lot, I studied a lot, just to help myself, and I learned a lot. I ended up with a small fortune of experience, knowledge and techniques, but, more than that, I ended up with an enriched inner being and intuition and with a strong conviction that my life purpose is to help professional women, like me, in their journeys to achieve meaningfulness, balance and a heart-centered happy life.

You don´t need me and my coaching skills and you don´t need any coach for that matter!

Having a coach is not a success condition, neither a compelling necessity. But if you decide to let me help your journey, one thing is for sure: You won´t be disappointed when we´ll take your life directly to the point you are now just dreaming of.

My Journey In Numbers…

1999 – Starting as a journalist ( special reporter later)

2001 – Award-winning copywriter, Ogilvy & Mather, Romania PR Manager, Ogilvy Group, Romania

2004 – PR Manager Hypovereinsbank, Romania

2006 – Communication & PR Head Citibank, Romania

2008 – Communications Director Millennium Bank, Romania

2012 – Communication Strategy Consultant, Portugal

2016 – Breakthrough Coach

I'm also the proud holder of a BA In Communication, University of Bucharest, which made all of this possible, and helped me be the me today.