I was talking today with a private client
when something big came up as a realization:

We are so used to be mindful of money mindset
we try to choose our words carefully
we track our finances
we repeat our affirmations
we burn our abundance candles
(confession though – I don’t think I’ll ever do that :))

So, overall, we understand money scarcity mindset
and we are used to working towards releasing it.

But there is a subtle, mostly overseen way,
in which we keep nurturing
and carrying the scarcity frequency
in our field

Despite our very best efforts.

The result?
We keep experiencing scarcity in our relationship with money too
no matter how much or how hard we’ve been working
on this wealth situation and overall vibe.

This subtle, continuous and subconscious (financial) sabotage
is what I want to shed light on for you
and help you release.

For good.

Watch this 5-minute video.

You can watch this video on Youtube too.

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