rituals for wealth

I started my business being $106,000 in debt.
And feeling deeply lost, confused and, honestly undeserving.
I would work 10-15 hours daily without any big results.
In fact, in the first year, I hardly signed any clients.
Well, I just signed one ‘real’ client, since the rest were friends.
I was tired of working, waiting, and failing.

I was not abundant. AT ALL.

Four years later, I have a business
that’s been serving hundreds of clients and students.

I have a soulmate team I adore.
And, above all, I have a lifestyle I could not even imagined a while ago.

I work less – much less than ever before.
I impact more people than ever before.
I have full support both in my business and house
– soulmate support team that includes a soulmate housekeeper
(all day, every weekday)

And  I get to travel with my family in the most exotic locations at least 2-3 times every year.
All while my clients get mind-blowing results, breakthroughs
and create a flow of clients, impact and money
like never before.

Want to discover what needed to change?

Here’s the truth:
Abundance is not something you receive.
It is not something you get to have.
And it is not something that you need to ever qualify for.

Abundance is a state.
And you access it from within.

Through the choices that you make.
Not only once,
but moment by moment.

Once you make the abundance choices consistently,
you start becoming an energetic match
for ideas, creativity, actions,
opportunities, coincidences and results
that reflect the vibration of abundance.

And the best thing?
You stop growing by hustle and push.
And you start growing by joy.

Living more and more in alignment with the power, bliss and freedom
of your Higher Self.

Now, here’s a secret:

Even if I knew all the above – intelectually,
even if I had read the books and taken the courses,
I just couldn’t go past the lack of

You don’t know what are the abundance and growth practices that really work –  for YOU.
And where to place your time and energy
without the constant doubting and spinning.

Maybe you start a routine or several
but soon you fall out of it – doubting.
feeling overwhelming
and not even remotely supported.

Simply you find it hard to keep your energy and motivation up – even when you know what is required from you. It’s just so hard to keep going on your own.

All these challenges dissolved for me when I understood that
abundance is a way of living
based on day-to-day rituals.

That’s when I stopped forcing myself
into a discipline, schedule, way of thinking
or hours of journaling or meditating.

That’s when I realized that waking up at 5 am is not required
(thanks God, as that was a deal breaker for me! 🙂

And that’s when I started practising, feeling into 
and emobidying the practices
that ended up making me abundant
in all senses:

spiritually abundant
clients abundant
impact abundant
support abundant
freedom abundant
family life abundant
time abundant
joy abundant
money abundant

So please ask yourself:
Are your current rituals helping you step into full alignment and power? 
Or are they placing you into a prison of attachment and not enoughness?

 Are you setting your business in a way you consistenly have clients flowing in? 
Or you feel you have to do the icky things you deeply resent
in order to receive the trickle of clients?

Are you stepping into your  power to show up boldly and magnetically and receive receive without the push?
Or do you often find yourself defaulting in desperation and the feeling of stuckness, trying to make things work.

Check your inner answers to these questions.
And if they feel out of alignemnet with 
what you know it’s possible and available
for you too

join us inside the Abundance Rituals. 

 you are just starting out
and you KNOw that your next level  is always brought to you by a mix of spirituality, strategy and mindset

you are
you are an established business owner
but you feel something is missing
when it comes to your full alignment, power and magnetism

if you desire to understand how to keep your energy high and your mind focused
if you desire to express and explore more of you – both in your business and life
if you want to grow into the energy of monetizing it all, all days. Easily and on repeat.
if you have a sneaky suspicion you haven’t still fully unleashed your genius and your wisdom….
you love to consume my content and want a spiritual Netflix to binge in every time you need a vibe up

It’s time to go deep  into your soul rememberance.
And access your full magic.

I have finally created a way to deliver all the secrets to growth, freedom and flow
to the woman who knows it is all about 
the space in between
it is all about

the exact secrets, practices and tools to reset back to your soul
and align to your next level of wealth, impact and freedom.

Full access to all the processes, secrets, mindset and energy strategies
of scaling your business and impact to access your next level of purpose, wealth and being

Never shared before strategies and systems to include in your offers, launches,
messaging, sales, energy priming, mindset rewiring, your own elevation

Video trainings, journal prompts, exercises and worksheets, bonus resources and tools
to support you not only in your alignment and receiving
but also in the impact you are making in this world – your legacy.

And, on top of it all, 
a sacred space. 
A high-energy container, 
to help you find your clarity
to keep you grounded
to keep you inspired
to hold you accountable
and to support you

to help you reconnect back to your soul,
higher trust, truths and motivation
as often as you need.


12 high level masterclasses covering processes, secrets, mindset
and energy strategies

of scaling your business and impact.

12 wealth activations .
Accompanied by wisdom teachings, practical tools, rituals and journal prompts you can use to assist you in becoming an energetic match for true abundance, expansion and growth. 
Exclusive access to all the trainings, recordings AND 11 vitage videos from our archives. Rarely seen before. Unlimited replays to everything.

Soul Shifting Workshops Covering, But Not Limited To…

Money Flow

>> the daily routines for money energy alignement
>> how you start exceeding your money goals
>> tuning into the energy and spirituality of money
>> tuning into what allowing means and feels like NOW
>> what to do when you just need money NOW
>> elevating your set points for receiving, allowing and having

Healing And Powering Up Your Personal Energy
>> overcoming the lack of motivation, lack of certainty, lack of know-how
>> disolving the ‘I don’t want to’s and “I’m not good enough’s
>> clearing obstructions to flow and speeding up receiving
>> the emotions, energy and frequency of receiving with ease – how to tune into them, no matter how inaccessible they feel right now
>> setting up healthy boundaries and policies and only call in people who see you as the Queen
>> tapping into the energy of flow and how you get into all-day-everyday flow

Clarity & Alignment
>> soul clarity around your mission, message and purpose
>> processes to align with your goals so you start exceeeding them, regularly
>> release the stress of figuring out how to find ideas of what to create or sell
>> and discover how you allow the ideas to come to you, pulling your sleeve to bring them to life
>> how exactly you embody your next level energy and power

Access To Higher Intuition And Guidance
>> how to connect to your Higher Self and your higher consciousness guides and download your inspiration from there
>> how to always know what to do and how to do it
>> how to step into full trust and allow it to permeat your energy so you can beam it out into the world

Become Magnetic
>> simply, how to have people reach out to you and sign YOU up
>> energy shifting practices to move from receiving by doing to receiving by Being, by your presence
>> how you release all ‘strategy’ and sell people on YOU
>> how you know what will sell for sure
>> how you release the worry about how to get leads, because you simply draw your soulmate people by your magnetism and soul
>> return to your power and the magic of your soul – working with and creating from the quantum

Money Flow Masterclass

In this masterclass we covered
>> the daily routines for money energy alignment
>> how you start exceeding your money goals
>> how you start aligning and owning the energy of ease and overflow
>> tuning into the energy and spirituality of money
>> tuning into what allowing means and feels like NOW
>> what to do when you just need money NOW
>> how to burn down limitations and money frequency distortions
>> elevating your set points for receiving, allowing and having
and so much more!

Clarity And
Soul Alignment

In this masterclass we covered
>> how exactly to get soul-deep clarity around what your purpose, your work and what you want
>> how to own your deepest truths
>> how to shed light on what's been holding you back - in your energy, mindset, actions and environment
>> how exactly you transmute these blocks and step into freedom, alignment and trust
and so much more


The Frequency Of Consistent Money Flow

In this masterclass, we cover
>> how to identify unhealthy wounded masculine / feminine energy
>> how to dissolve the pain-body in your energy, and come back into connection with your core
>> the 3 ESSENTIAL energies that create consistent Money Flow
>> and the exact practices to align with them regularly
and so much more

The Lost Secret Of Attracting More From The Frequency of More

In this masterclass, we cover

The biggest most essential inner shift
that leaves the scarcity behind
and helps stepping into the frequency of gratitude and More.

Becoming fast an energetic match for all your manifestations.
and so much more

4 Essential Shifts For Manifesting Money

In this masterclass, we cover

How to troubleshoot your attraction power
How to keep yourself in a high vibrational space no matter the circumstances
How to work with the invisible
A powerful visualization for boosting your magnetism to money
and so much more

A Powerful Process 
To Surrender To Money Growth

Boost Your Personal Power Now

In this masterclass, we covered:
>> how to elevate your personal energy levels
>> how to deepen your connection to soul
>> how to elevate your self-worth - exact processes and routines
>> how to open up your energetic channel for increased connection to soul and Higher Sell guidance - the energetic and practical part of it all
and so much more

Tune Into The Frequency Of Exponential Growth

We covered
>> the exact formula for tuning into the frequency of exponential growth and wealth
>> how to radically upgrade your relationship with money
>> how to become fully empowered in your finances
>> how to let go of control
>> how to upgrade the quality of energy you are taking in
and so much more

Up Your Inner Money Game - Practical Shifts To Make Right Away

In this masterclass we cover:
>> how to let go of anxiety, neediness, and scarcity
>> one simple process to drop the resistance and step into the alignment beingness
>> one fun inner game to continue recalibration throughout the day and tune into higher trust and allowing
and so much more

Use The Power Of Your Soul.
Create From Above Time & Space

In this masterclass, we cover

How exactky you drop from your head into your heart
How you connect back to the power of your soul
How you create deep clarity on your soul desires
Manifesting  through the frequency of joy and pleasure

and so much more

How To Hit All Your Soul Aligned Goals - With Ease, Grace & Flow

In this masterclass, we cover

How to clear the way between you and your soul aligned goals
How to strategically later your offers
Daily practices to align with the frequency of what you are calling in
How to fast-track it all
and so much more


Allow Your Manifestation To Work 

In this masterclass, we cover

How to regulate your nervous system so you claim more power
How to practice buddhist-like faith
and so much more


Total value received: $3,333
Special launch price: a fraction of that.

I don’t have a business yet. Is this for me?

This mega-course is made for all stages in business. If you are just starting, you can use these processes to save yourself time and spinning and jump directly into the growth mindset and energy. If you are an established coach/ entrepreneur and are looking for more clarity, more focus, more inspiration and more joy in your day to day, you are in the right place! 

What can I expect from this program?

Deep clarity on exactly how you align with abundance and allow your growth feel easy, inspired, fast. You’ll have 30+ masterclasses on designing a life and business you are wildly obsessed with. Strategy, energy, technical skills, spirituality – all the processes, secrets and tool that help you anchor in the frequency of abundance. 

What am I going to receive?
A mentor to calibrate your energy and growth to. A sacred space of transformation. Inspiration. Accountability. Tens of hours of transformational content. Soul-awakening coaching.


How is the content provided?

The content will be delivered through recorded masterclasses, audio training, meditations and worksheets you have access to through your own individual membership account. You have lifetime access to the content.


How long do I have access to the content?

All content and all its updates is yours for life.


Are there refunds?

No. Each payment is non-refundable as per our Terms when you sign up


Do you guarantee that this mega-course will improve my business?

I looove this work. And I fully believe in the principles, processes and ritual in it. The testimonials on this page are from real people who have worked with me in various capacities and who have gotten incredible results. However, as I have no way of knowing what you will do with the program, I can not guarantee results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students. But I am extremely confident that if you fully immerse yourself into the content you will have a better understanding on how to improve your business results while also growing spiritually.


How much spiritual experience do I need to join?

This content is created for both people just starting their spiritual practice and people who have been on this journey for many years. Wherever you are on your path, this work will meet you there and help you access your next levels.


I am pondering about it, but I still have doubts. Should I sign up?

Your answer lies always in the way you feel beneath the fear/doubt.
If you said yes to this work, would you feel excited about this work
and journey? Then trust that and allow your heart
to lead the way.

Also, consider this: the limited, fearful you will never take you
to your next level.  You re the queen of your life and business. 

It’s time you honor yourself,
and make choices like a queen.