So you’ve been trying everything.
You’ve meditated, you’ve journaled.
You’ve listened to Abraham Hicks on repeat.
You’ve been trying the thinking positively thing.
You wrote your affirmations and burnt the abundance candles.

But you’re still stuck.
Watching the time passing by – days, weeks… another year.
Doubting, questioning your power.
Questioning yourself.

I know you!
Mostly because I used to be you.

You’re a visionary, a healer, an intuitive.
You touch hearts and shift lives.
You know you were meant to do great things.
And you know you’ll make it happen.

But then, you take the steps you think you should.
You set the goal.
You take the action.
You work hard.
You share with your family and friends what you’re creating.
You write affirmations, visualize it.
You stay in positive anticipation.

And then…. nothing.

So the doubts and fears kick in. Again.
You ask yourself all sorts of unhelpful questions. Again.
Who do I think I am?’
Why can’t I make this work?
What’s wrong with me?‘, … and the rest
You lose motivation, interest and energy. Again.
And some more time passes.
With you stuck at the same point. Again.

Now, here are 2 big truths
Truth #1

There’s nothing wrong with you.
There’s nothing wrong with your dreams.
You’re just going after them in the hard way.
Because you’re missing some essential pieces of the manifestation formula.

Truth #2

You don’t need to meditate, levitate or visualize for hours every day
You don’t need to burn kilos of sage and dance around the fire
You just need to turn inwardly and create the change – the true change – from within.

Dissolving the deep blocks

Reprogramming your energy

Rewiring your mind

Embodying your next level YOU

Magnetizing your desire, allowing it to come to you
all while being in a place of alignment, surrender, flow and complete knowing.

Introducing the Advanced Money Manifesting Course
– 4 weeks of pure magic to help you get aligned, own your power and become a money manifesting queen.

This course is EVERYTHING.
Everything you need to step up, and claim what is yours.

I’ll help you dive deep within, connect with your truth, connect with your power, and start living the life and purpose you’ve always been meant to live.

The time is NOW.
And you know it.

So stop making it hard.
Stop making it complicated.
Stop playing small.
And stop chasing outside solutions that have nothing to do with the REAL work that is needed

within yourself.

CHOOSE to do the only thing you’ve ever needed.
Turn inward.
Say yes to your soul.
Say yes to you.

And join us inside the Advanced Money Manifesting Course. To live the life and do the work you know that you’re called, skilled and destined to do.

Here’s what you’ll get:


One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is trying to squeeze in their desires through the door keyhole. Instead of opening the hole house to invite the new energy in.

In this module you’ll discover:

>> how to go to the root of your subconscious blocks and release doubts, emotional baggage, stories about your unworthiness. And learn how to clear your energy, mind, body and life so you open yourself up to receiving

>> how to recreate your environment for rapid change and manifestation
>> how to program yourself for automatic (and, many times instant) upleveling

Your outcomes are always a direct reflection of what you think it’s possible for you, what you think you deserve. And what you expect to receive.

This module will recode all these programs at a deep cellular level.


This module is all about alignement and connection with your soul desires.

In this module you’ll discover:

>> how to align with your soul and set powerful goals that become INEVITABLE
>> how to build your manifesting muscles
>> how to fully embody the energy of your desires, so you create from a space of power, connection, inspiration and higher guidance. Where everything happens accelerated and ultimately instantly.
>> how to decide your terms – because these terms for your manifestation are so equally important as your goals


You’re a walking magnet. And you don’t attract what you say that you want.
You attract what you are being.

In this module you’ll discover:

>>how to raise your vibe and stay in high energy no matter what is coming your way
>> how to embody the energy of wealth even when the current reality shows the opposite
>> how to fully step into the wealth vibration, by changing your wealth blueprint
>> how to infuse your environment with abundance and flow triggers, that speed up the recoding of your energy and the rewiring of your mind

so you start feeling and living in abundance, faith, inspiration and knowing NOW.


This module is fundamental.
And it’s the part that can make it or break it when it comes to successful rapid manifestations.
It’s what needs to happen in the lag time between the moment you started the universal creation wheels and the moment you receive your desire in the physical reality.

It’s the big secret behind the Secret. And it’s the biggest part you’ve been missing so far.
I’ll be breaking it down for you, showing EXACTLY what you need to do in that manifestation lag time so you speed up the creation process and see it through till the end.

In this module you’ll discover:

>> how to always make the right decisions and take the BEST steps for your business, finances and life
>> how to magnetize soulmate clients, sales and opportunities on repeat
>> how to start living abundantly and with ease NOW – so your attraction point increases exponentially
>> the EXACT missing pieces of the Law of Attraction – exactly what you’ve missed, making it so hard. Until now. And exactly what you need to do to drop into the flow, ease and alignment

Ok, so here’s the short version of it all:

When you say yes to this course
You say yes to you.

You’ll go through a massive 4-week transformation that will completely shift your energy, mindset, finances and life.

You’ll have the step by step framework that you can use on repeat.

And I guarantee you:
The more you practice it, the better it gets.
The better it gets, the easier it gets.

Does your soul say yes?


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In total, you’ll get over 5 hours of massively transformational video training.

And worksheets.

All the video trainings and materials are recorded. And saved for you for life.

When you sign up for the course, you also get instant access to

1. How Exactly To Surrender And Create Your Wealth From The Flow – video training (worth $197)
2. The Money Quiz ($97)
3. The Masterclass: The Money Leap: How To Master Your Mindset and Allow Abundance Flow
Into Your Life (value $250)

This is my creation of 30 questions that you go through to truly understand your relationship with money.
Once you understand where you are to where you want to be, the roadmap is clear for you on where you stand.

5 hours of soul reconnection, frequency elevation work and mindset recoding to return to your core and Access Money Overflow from the quantum. Now.

Total bonuses value: $1,300+
Total course value: $997
Total value of what you receive: $2,300

Your investment – a fraction of that