Something I wish I had understood faster:

When it comes to your (wealth) manifestation,
there is an accelerate and a brake option.

And most people use the brake
– far more often they’re even realizing it.

You accelerate when
you have faith
you have fun
you follow your guidance
you tap into your creativity
you know before seeing
you feel before having
you feel whole and complete in the Now

You let go of attachment.
You trust.

And you brake when
you doubt yourself
you doubt your path
you try to get it right
you try to make it happen
you push
you don’t let go
you chase recipes
you trust others more than yourself
you compare yourself
you feel disconnected.

So here’s the BIG reminder:
There is only ONE truth: the truth of your soul.
And that shows up as love, desires, and trust.

And the way to separate the lie from truth – always
is by the way it makes you feel.

If your circumstances, what you tell yourself, your emotions
feel heavy, limiting, disheartening – it’s the lie.
The veil clouding your higher sight and knowing.

When it feels light, natural, easy and of course – it’s the truth.
You’re in alignment with it. And reality shifts fast from there.

So here’s how you can use this right away:
You can now choose to start creating consciously your business and life
You can choose to know when you accelerate and when you brake your reality creation
AND when you don’t like what you see – you can choose again.

You can go back to your soul truth.

Does this resonate?

Let me know in the comments.

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