Your mind is a wonderful tool.
but it can also be a skillful trickster.

And one of the most treacherous traps
comes exactly from your awareness
of being the creator of your life.

when you know you are the Creator, your mind immediately assumes you can also mess it up.

So when things are not going the way you want them, you feel you are doing it to yourself.

I’m blocking myself.
I’m off, something’s off in me.
I can’t get out of my own way…
So you start judging yourself, blaming yourself.
In short, you sink into the ‘it’s not working for me’ mindset trap.

Here’s my reminder for you:
While you are right: everything you experience is a reflection of where your energy is
You can pivot and shift out of any state instantly.

Every single moment is a new chance.
Every single moment brings the chance of a new you
and you have new possibilities lying ahead of you with each now.

So do this with me now:
Choose again.
Choose to feel it working.
Choose to feel yourself moving through.
Choose to feel yourself moving upward
Choose to feel your energy dissolving all obstacles.
You are rising up now.
You are being more than enough now.
You are walking on the easiest, flowest path now.
You are feeling doors opening up and bridges being built in front of your eyes now.
You are easily moving into the feelings of your creation.
You are feeling it coming.
You are feeling your desire moving to you.
And you are choosing to receive it all now.

You are ALWAYS more powerful
than what you think it’s between you and what you want.

Feel into that. And allow yourself to float through it all
moving with ease into your next level.

And if you feel it’s time to be supported in a way
that brings you back to your power, highest truth
and dissolves the veil of your limitless,

it will be my joy to guide you through this journey.

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