A never told before story:

There was a time when I felt stuck.
I knew my results still looked spectacular from the outside.

But to me, they were a failure.
The growth felt too slow,
I felt capped, I knew I was blocking myself – but had no idea how to pivot out
because I couldn’t understand
where I was going wrong.

The matter of fact was that I had kept myself in the same spot – impact, finances and energy-wise – for quite a while – even if I had places to go
much more ambitious than that.

As always before a breakthrough – I fought myself hard – and when tired enough
I surrendered. To being shown the way.

And that’s when it dawned on me – like the fresh morning light:
I had been pushing to hit my goals
because I wanted to keep myself feeling safe, deserving and worthy,
because I needed the wins, I needed the growth.

And this personal need of more…. was not a good enough motivation.
Neither for myself. Or for my soul.

So I kept coasting, bored with the same old level,
But not fired enough to go after the next one.

Sound familiar?

Then hear this:
You’ve been wanting the good things for the wrong reasons.
And that’s what’s kept you stuck
because you could not see, act and show up
beyond the littleness of your motivation:
Get paid more. Feel better about yourself.

The big shifts required now?
Realizing at a cellular level that

1. Everything you want has been long available to you
for a long series of nows,
BUT you can only give yourself permission to have it
when your motivation to go after it
feels higher, bigger and stronger
than your own little ego mind, hopes and fears.

2. Your desires – growth, money, impact…
had never been about you
they have always been about you AND the mission you are here for.
And this mission is a force much beyond your own identity and limitations.

3. The only way to ever give yourself permission
to hit the next and the next level

is to dissociate yourself from your work.
And fully commit to surrendering to it and serving it
beyond your doubts and fears.

This dissociation is especially important
while you are still healing your own human wounds.

Finding the power to forgive, accept and own all your parts,
even the ones you’ve rejected for so long.

When you are still in this process,
projecting your innerly perceived value on the value of your work
will just hurt both of you – the human you and your soul work
– limiting your reach, impact and abundance.

So, here’s the most important question to ask yourself right now:

If you treated your soul work as a separate entity worthy of the highest respect,
>> what would that entity be here to achieve?
>> what would you start doing differently?
>> what you wouldn’t do anymore?

Think about everything you’ve been procrastinating,
putting aside or just plainly ignoring
even if your soul knows
it’s important to take your work to the next level…

And write everything down, until you feel it’s done.
Then read it all and check what you notice.



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