I could not sleep last night
I had these random thoughts.
about work, my next levels,
team, family, house…

As I noticed the spinning, I took a deep breath
and I asked to be able to see things differently.

This vision came out

what if this business never happened
what if my problems were around a job I hated
what if I felt still lost in my life and my purpose
what if I did not have a family to love
what if I did not have a child to worry about
what if I did not have a support team to build?

what if…..

I started seeing the long shadows
of what my life used to be before… 

and as I was watching them
play before my eyes
I just felt…. deeply grateful

grateful for my life today
grateful for my family
grateful for the work I get to do
grateful for the support,
money and choices I have 

grateful for being on a journey
where the main focus is
to challenge myself and grow 

grateful to know my purpose and have the opportunity to fully go for it

grateful for all the problems coming with it all.

I realized my problems are really… privileged
compared to what I have left behind 

my today’s problems are wins.

and I could bet yours are very much the same
when you zoom out and own how far you’ve come.

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so what if we could all honor our today’s problems

and feel grateful for this higher level
that comes with them? 

you’ve arrived.
you are here.

it’s a privilege to be able to meet yourself
where you are today

and now breathe through it
and move on.


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