I used to…
wait for the mentor
to pat my back and tell me I am great.

I used to
enter communities
and wait for others to smile my way
and show me… I belong.

I used to expect for
the engagement
the number of comments
the number of sales

to tell me…
I am good enough.
I am qualified for my dreams.

I stopped.

I pulled myself from all external ways
my energy had gotten lost in.

I remembered I am a power alchemist.
And I decided…

Money and Power Truth

it’s not about what my small ego wants.
It’s about what I KNOW to be true inside myself.

And so, I focused
on connecting back to my power.

That shift…
my money
my business
my life

The truth is that…

⭐️ your power just is.⭐️

You are good enough
You do belong (even when you don’t fit in)
You are qualified for your dreams.
You are significant
You matter. You are lovable.

You are limitless.

And you always have your power with you.

Waiting on you to

Acknowledge it.
Activate it.
Use it.

Your power is available now.


Learn more about how you
activate your money receiving.



And if you know it’s time
for both your identity, and power
to be activated now. fully.

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