One client told me this the other day:

I’m not cool enough for people to hire me. Not as many people as I want.

These words came
from a beautiful woman,
filled with skills and gifted with powers
she failed to see in herself.

I recognized myself in her.

I used to feel I was SO
not who I needed to be to have success.
I would look around and it was obvious:
I was nothing like
the vibrant, glittery women
who seemed to have their sh… together
and who were creating impact and soaring businesses.

I was not a diva-like girl, I was not a rebel-like girl,
I did not have a sob story to emphasize how far I had come.
There was nothing cool about who I was and where I was coming from.

I felt doomed.
For a hot second.

What I learnt on my way from there to who I am today is this:

1. People are interested in you and your message,
when YOU are interested first.
When you feel, believe and KNOW you have something valuable to share.

2. Your tribe is always made of reflections of past versions of YOU
These people resonate with you because of who you are – the real unfiltered you.
So there’s literally no way to mess it up while being you.
The more you you are, the more your people vibe with you.

3. You get to create the rules and the way it all works for you.
Because, in the end, it is all made up.

Each one of us make up the stories that create our reality.
So you can choose the stories that actually help you get what you want.
On your terms.

4. Everything you do, create and put out ads up. Nothing is wasted.
This was something I discovered with one of my mentors.
And it was so life changing.

Because nothing you do is in vain. Everything counts.
And you are always on your path.

5. What feels simple, and easy to you – because it comes naturally to you –
is someone else’s breakthrough

This is the thing with the soul work – it feels easy, it feels too effortless.
And hence we trick ourselves into believing it has no value.

It’s quite the opposite.
So you better own your genius.
And trust it to support others.
Just like it is supposed to.


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