This crazy time we all live will pass too.
Life will find its way through it.
The world will continue.
And, most probably, it will emerge out of this
wiser, stronger, better.

But before we get there, our life, as we knew it, will keep changing.

Among the big changes already here:
Everything went online. Overnight.

Having a strong online brand, as a business,
is not a choice anymore. It is a must.

And, hard truth, those who don’t get it will get left behind.
If they fail to act now.

Innovators, leaders and their magnetic brands will emerge
New ways will be defined
New opportunities will be created
And growth will continue

But only for those who understand 
that this in NOT a time to hide, shrink or hunker down
But a time to pivot, step up and expand their online brands and business.
To run, serve and thrive no matter the exterior conditions.
From a place of faith, growth and power.

The exact reason I am SO excited and fired up 
to invite you in the Brand With Soul program

Now open for enrollment. For a very lowered launch price.

This is for you
If you are feeling anxiety around your business, what’s next and how the world change will impact your results.
If you know that this IS a time to step up, but have no idea how.

If you’ve spent the last year(s) playing it nice on the internet, exactly as you were taught to
Following all the recipes, creating all the systems, posting, emailing, live streaming
But, at the end of the day, you still feel not seen or heard truly

This is for you if you find it hard to stand out from the crowd and have no idea how to make people listen to you
and pay attention to what you have to offer

So, here’s something I want you to remember and own:

You and I, humans like us, we came here
to live our lives
nurture our souls
elevate our presence
create our freedom
enjoy the fulfillment brought by our soul work
and give permission to others do the same.

while making millions for doing and being JUST that.

So here’s the most important truth for you to remember right now:

All you need to do
to make the biggest impact in this world,
and live your richest life,
is to unleash the leader and power inside.
and.. SHINE.

Your ULTIMATE gift to the world
is actually just you being you.

How you know you’re one of us?

You feel you have so much to give and know that all you need is get truly seen and heard
You’re ready to elevate your online presence and flow into your next level of impact and income
You’re committed to building your tribe with raving fans that need, value and are ready to pay for your message, work and staying in your presence
You live and breathe for sharing your soul work, reaching and helping more people. It’s like a fire burning inside and you can’t stop – not even if you wanted it to
Your BIG big vision is around helping this world become a better, happier, and more beautiful place
Even when you are torn with doubts, you KNOW you are here for something bigger, higher and more beautiful than you dare to admit to yourself – most of the times
You’re tired of hiding, shrinking and playing it small
You know you need to go bigger
You’re tired of playing by other people’s rules
You know it is your time to step up. Now.


When you are trying to do what others do,
You’re becoming an improved version of others

So you are just blending in.
When you are meant to

Play, work and create on your terms
Making your impact and getting well paid for being YOU.

Introducing Brand With Soul
a 6-week elevation journey to own your core truth, quit marketing
like the masses and unleash the leader inside

so you get seen, heard and loved.
AND well paid
for being YOU.

This program will rock your world…

In the last 6 months, hardly one day passed by without being asked by my private clients and students
about my online presence.

People usually say I make complicated things feel and become simple and easy
And they wonder how I’m building this soulful brand,
How I make it be so simple
What I do for being paid well so easily.
And how it feel like to play and create at this level…

Over the past 3 years
I’ve grown my presence from zero – and millions of crickets
To a tribe of over 30,000 people.

People love my work, call me a blessing, and encourage me to shine
So that they can shine brighter too.

And, most of the times, my clients buy from me days after having joined my tribe.
Because they get to connect with my soul
They get to see me, know me and feel I can support them

There is a soul recognition that happens at a deep level. And fast.
And it all happens easily, naturally, while I’m just doing… me.

Want this for yourself?
I’ll be sharing with you soul digging and practical processes I use for continuously growing my business
Many of them – integrations of coaching and mentoring I paid over $100,000
to receive and learn from my mentors.

You have it all broken into simple actionable steps
that will be taking you from confusion, doubts and wondering
to owning your soul truths, tapping into your purpose and BIG vision,
mastering the soul-led marketing,
creating a brand with soul that gets seen, heard and loved
and allows money to flow on repeat
ALL the recoding – in 6 weeks.

You’ll get all the WHATs and HOWs – energy, mindset and marketing wise –
to use on repeat to elevate your online presence, and influence
For increasing money, impact and ease.

The time is NOW.
And you know it.

So stop making it hard.
Stop making it complicated.
Stop playing small.
And stop spinning and procrastinating

And instead…
CHOOSE to do commit to your dreams
Learn what works
Start mastering it

While watching your money, impact and business grow

And join us inside the Brand with Soul

– to get seen, heard and loved and start making your impact and being well paid for being YOU!

Here’s What You’ll Get:


This week is all about tapping into the power of your purpose and soul.

In this module you’ll discover:

>> remember who you truly are, what you are here for and what is the power waiting for you to unleash
>> remember what your soul work feels like, looks like and what you’d now be doing if you were fully owning it
>> what you need to let go of – stories, excuses, rules, so you stop slowing yourself down

>> the process to ACCESS your highest soul guidance, on ANY situation, and ALWAYS make the best decision and know the best next step


In this module you’ll discover:

>> what soul work and messaging work you should be focusing on as opposed to busy marketing spinning
>> how to give yourself permission to BE who you are and fully own the energy you know you are meant to step into and live from
>> how to start making increasing impact by allowing people to feel, see and know your soul – with
zero self-editing or self-doubting
>> how to recode your energy, and attraction point – from a mindset and actions perspective – so you become increasingly magnetic ( so much that clients start showing up from nowhere, like magic, and sign YOU up)


In this module you’ll discover:

>> the WHATS of creating your brand (image, look and feel, systems, design, etc)
>> how to leverage social media like a motherfucker, where to post your shit and what to do with it, how to leverage, re-purpose, and get engagement from people that vibe with your message
>> but we’ll also cover how you show up AS your brand in every aspect of your audience growth, marketing, and sales

>> this is the HOW of growing a soulful brand and aligned business.
all the juicy goodies for creating a soaring business based entirely on you being you, doing what you love and sharing exactly that with the world


In this module you’ll discover:

>> how to set your social media strategy plan – in a way that feels easy, inspired and highly magnetic!
>> how to create FULL clarity on and start owning your brand voice and language – in a way that feels authentic, powerful and certain
>> how exactly to use your brand stories in order to infuse your brand and communication with your personality, learning and journey
>> how to master your message and start sharing it boldly, powerfully
>> how exactly you are embracing the whole of YOU and allowing it to create a multi-faceted, relatable, authentic brand


and how exactly you’re achieving it all on your terms, without limiting, slowing yoursef down or sabotaging your growth anymore.

In this module you’ll discover:

>> how to release all your biggest stories and aspects that don’t allow wealth, impact and ease
>> soul and cellular shift work: understanding and becoming the vibration of wealth on both soul and physical level
>> what deciding inside, locking it in and it’s done feels like
>> what receiving with ease, from the flow, feels like
>> how to continuously align with the next level of impact, freedom and income – to constantly turn the dial up when it comes to your receiving, impact and ease.


This is the most advanced part of the journey, where everything comes together, the shifts get deeply coded and the change is set to automatically upgrade. And keep on giving.

In this module you’ll get:

>> unlimited high-level coaching – personalized, direct, soul-shifting
>> to practice everything you’ve created and and allow your true self STAND UP and SHINE
>> how you code your branding, pages, and content – as well as your courses and programs containers
>> how to set healthy loving boundaries that help you scale up without burn out or self-sabotage
>> how to start upleveling automatically – literally while you sleep
>> how to embody the next level you and brand
>> how to become an energetic match for your next level – the process
>> how you decide energetically
>> anything that comes through – by request and by inspiration – for you and for the group

So, the question is – are you willing to leap?

Are you willing to do the INNER work of allowing yourself to BE that person?

And are you willing to also do the PRACTICAL work of making space for it,
and elevating your presence no matter where you’re at in your business
right now?

The choice, of course, is yours.

You can either keep on making it hard
while doing the busy work which you know is not your true work,
and continue feeling unheard, unseen and overwhelmed –

Or you can own your truth and step into your power.
Unleashing your message and magnetism.

In Brand with Soul I’m showing you EXACTLY how to do all of this.
How to FULLY step into your power throughout all your online presence,
and with EASE call in your soulmate clients, no matter WHAT point you’re at now.

When you say yes to this program
You say yes to making money from being YOU.
On repeat.

You’ll go through a massive 6-week energy, strategy and magic expansion
so you start getting seen, heard and loved.
AND well paid
for being YOU.

Ready for this?
Know that you were born for it.
And now it’s your time to step up.


​Each week you get access to a new video training – with the work to integrate for the week

Weekly Hot Seat Coaching – to get direct answers and personalized coaching

​Private FB group to share your shifts, breakthroughs and transformation and get direct feedback

​Lots of worksheets, checklists, meditations and frameworks

​​Weekly and daily prompts to guide you exactly on how you build, and monetize your Brand with So

​​Lifetime access to it all. AND all the updates that follow.

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In total, through this program, you’ll get over 9 hours of massively transformational video trainings.
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own your core truth, quit marketing
like the masses and unleash the leader inside

so you get seen, heard and loved.
AND well paid
for being YOU.

All the video trainings and materials are recorded. And saved for you for life.

Does your soul say yes?


When you sign up for the course, you also get instant access to

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