There was a time when I felt weird about calling myself a healer.

There was a time when talking about manifestation, reality creation and soul felt scary.

And there was a time when charging money for all the above felt awkward and guilty.

Not because I did not believe in the value of it all.

But because of the fear of being judged, criticized, belittled.

Yes, I did know that people can do to me only what I allow and am available for.

But the understanding was still so rational, and hard to grasp from the thick of my emotions, fears and doubts.

So, for a good while, I did water down my message.
I watered down my presence.
I watered down my truth. 

While constantly committing to getting past all that
building a new beliefs and inner codes system
and owning my truth.
A bit more each day.

Years, judgements, uncomfortable labels, outgrown relationships AND multiple 6-figures later, 
I can tell you this:

1. Stop looking for approval from whom you do know that can’t give it to you
There are people who get it.
And there are people who don’t.

Pushing your beliefs on or silently longing for approval 
from people you love but who just can’t get that part of you
brings just more frustration.

Stop giving your power away to people who can’t give it back to you.
Stop giving your power away.

Choose to find your tribe, hang with people who get you and support you
Choose to own and love who you are and your truth
And let go of the need of exterior validation.

You doing you and having success will later solve lots of current ‘impossible’ situations.

2. Receive, treasure and follow ONLY the opinions of people who already have, do and are what you want
Remember the commentators on the side of the field judging and criticizing the players?
And the good-hearted friends who want to help, but are nowhere near where you’re heading to?

Their opinions will almost never help.
So let them fly past you, without taking them home anymore.

Choose to find people who inspire, elevate and uplift you.
And listen to their opinions and suggestions exclusively.

3. Choose to trust your inner guidance. More and more each day.
Ultimately, all the answers, love and guidance are available to you 
with no need for intermediaries.

And this is one of the most beautiful realizations of this journey.
You are always guided, protected and safe.
And there’s no way in the world you can mess this up. 

So you’d better give yourself permission to play, heal, create, 
and bloom into everything that you are.

The only way to give others permissions to do the same – helping transform this world.
Exactly what you are here for.
Isn’t it?

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