Are you buying into these money frequency myths? Myth #1: You need to be high vibe in order to create money. Literally while writing this, I am noticing, on the right bar an ad that says ‘having high vibrations is key to unlock your money’ Such a common lie. I suffered from that illusion too. The result? I’d force myself to be exhilarated and excited when my moods where not really there. The next result? I’d beat myself up that I could not shift back to zen and joy feeling guilty that THAT was affecting my money and business The end result? It DID affect my money and business Not because they were linked to my moods But because I had linked them. Myth #2: When parts of your life are going crazy they hurt your energy AND your business. It feels logical, isn’t it? But just because we apply a linear thinking to energy While energy is not linear. You mostly get the experience you expect to have. So stop conditioning your success and money on rules that are tough for you to fulfill. Set new rules. Make success MORE accessible One suggestion? Decide you can have it, no matter what happens around you. Even when the world seems like it’s about to explode. You can still have success, if that’s what you give yourself permission to. Myth #3 You need someone’s good graces or support or love in order to create wealth and success. Good news: You don’t. AND nobody can jinx or sabotage your growth either Unless you decide they can. Bottom line: Money is just a frequency. And the door to that frequency is very personal. Because the door is the energy of what YOU think money will give you. So make it easy for you to get what you want. Set rules that serve you and feel light and natural to fulfill. Feel into the energy of what money will be giving you Hold that energy in your field. Follow your inner guidance and the it-feels-light inspiration. Know that that’s enough. Know that you’re enough. Know you’re getting there. Know it’s all working. Know it now.
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