Here’s the big truth
about calling in your next level clients:

Feeling huge discomfort
when talking to them
is deeply normal.

So don’t take that as a sign
that you’re not ready yet.

Growth is supposed to feel uncomfortable.

Just like when you step on a bigger stage.
And you feel small.

Feeling small is a good sign.
That you upleveled the stage. 💁‍♀️🙂✌️

The problem is…
most people get scared
with their own shadows
and end up running back to the smaller stage.


I wish I knew this

Years ago,
when I was hardly starting to make 6 figures,
I worked with a couple 7 figure entrepreneurs.

We had met in different high-level containers.
So it was pure energy, no strategy.

One of them
ended up signing up 3 times with me.

Because she was making more money
and with more ease-fulness than ever.

The woman was psyched about our work.

But deep down,
I was ridden with impostor syndrome fears.

I couldn’t bring myself to calling in
this caliber of entrepreneurs as clients.
not on purpose

In fact, I just continued calling in
the same old folks
that felt… comfortable to speak to.

Classical return to the small stage.🤦‍♀️😄


Do You Have These Thoughts?

Do you ever find yourself thinking…
🧨I really want those high level people,
but have no idea how to call them in.

🧨I am calling in the high level clients,
but keep attracting the same old folks

🧨I still need to do more healing
so I am ready for the next level.

They are all mind lies,
excuses for:

I am afraid I’ll do my best and fail
or worst, disappoint my high-level clients
and fail even more.
So – I don’t even try it. 😬

And if you are ready to uplevel
your money, business, and ease…

Upleveling is
a strategies, marketing and messaging game
AND it’s also a tango with your energy.
and subconscious mind.

But when you learn the steps…
the veil gets pulled off and

You realize your high-level clients
had been in your world all along,
and now they actually sign up. one by one.

You have client conversations that light up your heart.
The kind of shifts and convos you are living for. no more boring talks!

You trust yourself, even when it feels uncomfortable. So you grow. fast.

This is the upgrade journey we take
inside both my 1:1 coaching.

And my mastermind containers.

If you feel ready,
apply here.


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