the mindset, energy and strategy
of allowing high-ticket sales flow into your DMs
on repeat.

3 Essential mindset shifts to get yourself from hard work and crickets
to soul clients knock knocking in your DMs

(you learn how to MAGNETIZE without any reach out)

The energy and mindset to lead the sales conversations in your DMs –
so your people sign up fast. soul-led and ready to go.

Plus my exact strategy to receive high-ticket sales exclusively based on  DMs chats
– without sales calls, without managing objections. hell yeses with ease, on repeat.

Everything just by being you and doing you.
WITHOUT any reach out.


Magnetizing your soulmate clients
into your world.

My clients have used these exact concepts to bring multiple 5-figure months in their own businesses.

Hi, I am Cristina.

Over the past 5 years, my work has supported some of the top coaches and mentors changing the world right now. And inside my courses, each year I teach hundreds of students how to grow their own soul aligned businesses.

Previously, I worked as a corporate communications director in top global banks, managing million-dollar advertising / marketing budgets.

From starting off as a journalist to working in Fortune 500 advertising agencies, and finally creating million dollar communication and sales strategies – I learnt how to communicate and sell powerfully.

And how to create millions, through the power of communication.

I personally scaled my own business past multiple 6-figures. And I now help women entrepreneurs to expand their wealth from a space of ease, alignment to soul and inspiration. 

Long story short: if you desire to grow your business in a way that feels good – welcome to my world.















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