‘I had this BIG money coming in, but then it just went out fast, as if it was never there’….

I get to hear this and variations of this story regularly.

You get a big month
You get great sales coming in
You receive unexpected money
But the bliss lasts only for some moments.

Because something happens immediately
And you lose momentum.
The money gets paid in various directions
And then an eternity happens before you catch the next abundance wave.

Sound familiar?
Yes? then I want you to know this:
There is nothing wrong with you.
But quite the opposite: THIS shows how powerful you are.

You start creating pure magic – unexpected sales, unexpected money abundance
You give yourself permission to unleash your power – for one moment
BUT once the magic starts unfolding,
You freak out.

You get scared with your own power.
And immediately want to slow it down.

Why? Because you’re afraid not to lose control of it all.
And working hard for your results gives you the illusion of control.
You believe you can control what you need to do to get what you want.
While leaning into the magic of your soul feels unknown, uncontrollable, scary.

Here’s an essential truth:
There’s nothing particular that you need to do to have what you want.
Life doesn’t react to your doing.
It reacts to your BEING.
It reacts to Your energy.

And your energy… ? It’s something you CHOOSE.

You choose it by deciding so
by leaning into trust, and surrender,
by accessing flow,
by following the inspired actions
and allowing your (instant) receiving.
Gracefully, effortlessly, easy.
Just like floating.

And the best part?
Even when you make mistakes – lots of them – along the way
you still get what you aligned with energetically.

(fact reconfirmed recently by one of my clients, receiving a $40,000 contract,
despite ALL the mistakes along the way, made as a newbie in a new business….)

So, how do you let go of your fears
and give yourself permission to receive
all that you want
magically, on repeat, from the flow?

As the woman who’s OWNING IT?
You turn inward and do the inner work of molding your reality from there.

So, if you are done with the spinning
if you FEEL you deserve to be guided, you deserve to be supported
and you deserve to go BIG
without dips, push or hard work….

The Mastermind might be for you.

You’ll get all the marketing and practical pieces that allow you to play the game and win.
But more importantly, you’ll lock in the energetic & mindset side of winning it all with ease.

The mastermind is the healing and transformation container where, over the past year,
new businesses were born.
consistent 5-figure months were created.
consistent income growth became a standard.
and ease, flow and inspiration became the norm.
For many many beautiful women called to help change the world.

I am currently accepting applications for The Mastermind.

It’s a 6-month journey, that will change your business, your results
but most importantly, the way you’re doing you in your life.

If you feel this is for you, apply here.


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