Money Mindset Mastery

A 5-week soul-shifting course to re-wire your energy and mind for abundance, release scarcity and create wealth, impact and ease from alignment.

Launch Into Money, Impact and Ease

A 6-week money magic incubator for you to download, package and sell out your best offer yet, while accessing flow, ease and fun.

Heal Your Future

a 30-day journey of letting go of the old and hurt, shedding light, transmuting and consciously shifting into
your higher levels of being,
money, impact and freedom.


Brand With Soul

A 30-day elevation journey to own your core truth, quit marketing like the masses and unleash the leader inside so you can get seen, heard and loved.

Back To Soul

11 days of energy shifting work for you to access your higher guidance, abundance and flow now.

Advanced Money Manifesting Course

4-weeks of pure magic for you to align, own your power and become a money manifesting queen.

Sell With Confidence And Soul

21 days of deep dive into exactly how to create, and sell your best money making ideas and get paid with ease


Money Making Bundle

How to create cash on demand. This bundle is perfect for you if you’re feeling stuck in a feast-or-famine cycle, caught up in the roller coaster of high income months and followed by months of financial desert.

Access Money Overflow

5 hours of soul reconnection, frequency elevation work and mindset recoding to return to your core and Access Money Overflow from the quantum. Now.

Become The Magnetic You

5-part video bundle that brings together
4 hours of high frequency and visibility trainings on
how to get seen, heard and loved
and start making your impact
and being well paid for being YOU!

Value you get $800+. Price now: a fraction of that.

The Ultimate Money Manifesting Bundle

Reset your relationship with money and unlock your power to create abundance in your life. The bundle includes an 8-part course that will help you discover the missing pieces to understanding the Law of Attraction and a 30-question money quiz


Tap Into Wealth

Tap Into Wealth – The Money Leap bundle to find out exactly how to break through your money blocks, earn money with EASE and open up to receiving the money flow into your business and life

Value: $250. Price now: $47.