The first year in my business
I hardly made any money.

Not because I was younger,
less smart, or less anything than now…

But because I was confused.

I had started my business
as a way to save myself
from the corporate world.
And I deeply desired spirituality, connection, impact.

As a Generator in HD –
I also desired and did it all to be very good
at what I do and succeed.

All these, in a strange way,
worked against me.

The spiritual side of me
was shying away from se.lling
and charging aligned prices.

And the high-achiever part in me
would suffer from an acute Dory fish syndrome
throwing spaghetti at the walls
while inconsistently trying everything
I could see working around.

One day I decided to pay 2.5k
(I hardly had at that time)
for an hour with a marketing guru.

The biggest takeaway
was to hear the guy repeating
“Ok, this is simple. Here’s what we do…’

I realized that
by repeatedly reminding himself
things are simple –
he was regulating his nervous system
and channeling his creativity in an easier way.

Since then, this has been the mantra
behind everything my marketing.

I have made multiple multiple 6 figures since then.

And my processes,
in time, just continued to simplify.

In such a way, that today I hardly
do any sales calls
or have complicated teams or costly systems.

And yet, miraculously, I continue to grow…

These 4 principles helped so much
in achieving today’s levels of simplicity and ease:

1. Resist the temptation to complicate things
Choose the path of least resistance

Ask yourself:
What’s the simplest, cleanest way to get this done?
Then go and do that.

2. Choose the mentors that show you
how to adapt their strategies to YOU.
Your personality,
your passion,
your preferences

3. Back up your strategy
by energetics and mindset.

This is how strategy gets to work.

4. Be consistent
Stop chasing colorful butterflies in business

Learn what works for you.
And then get really good at it.

And… remind yourself often:
This gets to be simple.
This gets to be easy.
I flow through it with ease now.


PS Ease becomes available
when you stop creating from mind
and start flowing with your genius and power.

how to rise above the noise
(in your head, in your business, in your life)
meet your Soul power
and create your next wave of growth.

inside the new free(for now)

🌅 Rise 🌅

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