This week has been an emotional carousel.
I felt deeply connected, calm and grounded. Celebrating my business
and my clients’ growth.
And I felt overwhelmed, sad without a reason and felt like hugging all the persons going through tough moments right now.
I do understand I am privileged and there are things happening out there that I can’t imagine or really understand.
But I find myself taking over other people’s energy. And end up overwhelmed with exterior feelings and thoughts.
I guess it’s an empath thing….
I’ve been juggling a lot as a business owner
AND a mom to a dynamite toddler at home. All day long.
And my thoughts often go to all the parents and especially single parents out there.
There are moments when I go through my days as a machine of efficiency.
And there are days, like yesterday, when I feel I need to slow down.
Step back, cry a little, eat the chocolate, make the tea, journal.
And steal a nap ( 10 minutes hidden between the fluffy cushions of our couch)
while Ana is distracted playing.
I’ve been feeling it all this week.
And here’s my message to you:
Don’t try to power through your feelings.
It’s human to feel excited and pumped up – even when the world feels crazy
And it’s ok to feel sad and lost.
When that happens, don’t push away those feelings.
Face them, sit with them, process them – cry if you need,
allow the energy to move through your body – jump, do yoga, go for a walk
and then CHOOSE to bounce back.
And, above all, DECIDE you get to grow, impact and thrive –
even when you feel sad
even when there are things you don’t get yet
even when the world around you is so less than perfect.
You are a divine power in a human experience.
And you are always connected to your Source
You always have access to your magic.
And you are always on your right path.
– even when you don’t feel it.
The world around you needs healing, direction and a fresh purpose.
And that’s part of your job. That’s part of why you are here.
So, if you feel a stronger than ever calling to step up, and fully unleash your power
if you feel you’re done with playing small
know this:
This is your time.
Your time to heal and get out your way.
Your time to go back to feeling connected
Your time to feel your way back to your power.
Your time to consciously create through your energy
Your time to be, do and have everything you’ve been one-daying
Your time to access more alignment.
Your time to impact.
Your time to receive it all.
The shifts happen faster.
The energy accelerates.
And the growth becomes easier than ever.
And you have a choice:
be only a part of it all.
OR take an active role
stepping up as the guide, the healer, the visionary
you KNOW that you are.
Helping you through this journey back to your power, alignment and fast growth
is the exact reason why I decided to open the Mastermind at this time.
For a special price – never to be repeated again.
Feel it’s time?


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