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Untitled design (26)Cristina changed my perspective on things that were weighing me down for awhile and finally helped me to be free from them.

Working with Cristina has had a huge impact and I wish I could do it justice with my words.

If you´ve got some deep limiting beliefs or mindset issues, you need help with, you should definitely reach out to Cristina.

Not only does she have amazing tools, but she is incredibly compassionate and                                                             intuitive.

                                                SHERRI-LEE WOYCIK – Facebook Ads Expert



Untitled design (28)I am very grateful that I crossed paths with Cristina. Her coaching helped me find a piece of the puzzle that I have been missing. She helped me realize that it was there all the time!

I highly recommend Cristina to anyone who wants to find out more about herself and get past something that stops them. I now wake up smiling in the morning. 

FRIDA KABO –  Coach & Possibility Explorer




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