Yesterday during the mastermind call, I witnessed a big realization happening for one of my dearest clients.

We were talking about how she anticipates the full unleash of her success.
How she gets aligned with that energy and opens up to receiving it soon.
How she KNOWS it will be happening any moment. Soon.
How she KNOWS it’s there, in the near future.

… and then we both heard what she was saying.
All her projections were for a future success.
For a moment that was to happen ‘soon’.
But stayed always in the future.
Always separated from the now.
Always unreachable. Yet.

You see, when you keep on repeating that your success is near, and it will happen soon
It’s like chasing a light reflection that moves away as fast as you move towards it.
Because you subconsciously decided it is a moment that belongs to the near future.

And the future is not NOW.
(not for the human mind)

The result?
You’re in for a long chasing and waiting.
Always feeling the taste, smell and sensation of your near success.
But constantly having a bit more of distance separating you from it.

How you shift this?
Decide that your success is showing up NOW.
Decide that you start seeing the first signs of it NOW.
Choose to open up to receiving it NOW.
Allow yourself to have it NOW.

It’s always the story you choose to believe in.


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