a couple of years ago
I had an experience
that changed everything for me. 🪄✨

at that time
I was working with a spiritual mentor
and we were looking into
how I could grow with more ease.

up to that point,
I had been tripling my business
mostly every year, but I felt depleted.
my business growth felt hard to hold.

the spiritual mentor asked me this question:
when you manifest, how do you do it?

I was surprised
but then I heard myself say:

‘I feel myself
elevating energetically above reality
and from there, I just command the new stuff’

she smiled:
‘maybe it’s time for a new way of manifesting,
don’t you think?’

initially, I did not get it.
these spiritual mentors… always so cryptic…

More money, more growth, more ease…

but then, one day, it downed on me:
I was manifesting with my mind.
and then pushing my physical reality
into the next level.
with what felt like a power sucking effort

that’s what was feeling hard.
the push, the mental effort.

while the easier,
more ascended way of manifesting
was to stay where my feet were – not above –
and alchemize everything from my core.

🪄the way I feel
🪄who I know myself to be
🪄the clarity on my soul work power
🪄the belief in what is possible next.
🪄my showing up. in all ways.

that inner shift
– from mental force to embodiment –
brought magic into my business and life.

I became more certain than ever.
I become more grounded than ever.
I learn what magic buzzing
through your field feels like.

calm and knowing became normal.
clients coming out of nowhere became normal.
5-figure days became normal

but, above all,
fun and easefulness became normal.
a full freedom to experience a fully alive life.

and that transformed
not only my life
but also the lives of my clients.

because we calibrate to the most powerful frequency in the room
and before we know it, we start embodying what we learn to be possible.

expansion beyond the known
confidence at a soul level
money beyond logic
full expression of your essence, full freedom
selling with ease, in ways people love to buy
a deep sense of groundedness in who you are. and your power
synchronicities becoming normal

the energetics and strategies of
20k days, 40k months and beyond

this is your invitation to come and play.

for these days only,
there is a special offer for my high-level coaching

1,000 OFF the mastermind
2,000 OFF the 3-month coaching
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