If you feel deeply triggered by money,
but have no immediate plans to change the matter of fact – skip this message.

BUT if you KNOW
your relationship with money
needs to and is about to change
– because you are now CHOOSING so,
then dive in!

4-5 years ago money felt slippery.
It felt elusive.
It felt unpredictable.

So I was hoarding
without even realizing it
And would give
rational explanations for
why throwing away thousands
on a luxurious hotel
on a piece of jewelry
or just on a whim
felt obscene.

Why would one sane person give away
$1,000/ night for accommodation
when they could get something decent for 10 times less?

Why buy expensive jewelry
when kids are suffering of hunger?

Why have expensive whims
when so many people suffer?

It was the consciousness of lack
and, more subtle,
it was the consciousness of martyrdom.

There was nobility in sharing the pain.
In being solidary. In sticking with the rest.

It was also acceptable.
And known.
And so much safer.

What I did not realize:
struggling was not serving me
NOR was it serving the people I could help if I were more empowered.

So much has changed since then…

My relationship with m0ney.
My business, the impact it makes.
My living the purpose I am here for.
My courage to go after what I desire.
My power to support others
and contribute to what matters to my soul.
My power to change my world.
My power to contribute to changing the world for others.

As of this weekend,
I am wearing at my wrist a Cartier bracelet
corresponding to one full month ++
of my former corporate earnings.
And I feel fabulous.

Because it’s a symbol for
how far I’ve come.
how much I’ve changed what I’m allowing in
how much I’ve elevated my receiving
and how much more I can grow from now on.
For myself. And for those whose lives I am here to touch.

My message to you?
Place your hand on your heart,
breathe in and feel into this:

It’s safe for me to play bigger and receive more.
It’s safe for me to have more and enjoy more – without the fear of being judged.
It is safe for me to have more than enough – without guilt or shame.

It’s safe for me to appoint myself as the wealthy badass woman that I am.
And start living by elevated standards of having, enjoying, and impacting.

The more I have, the more I can share.
The more I have, the more I can contribute.
The bigger I become, the more space I can hold for who is coming behind me.
The more I grow, the more can I support myself and others.

Now it’s my time to shift.
Now it’s my time to unleash.
Now it’s my time to rise.

And it’s all starting now.

Feel into it, hold it, allow it.
And write down…

Who are you now committed to becoming?

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