What if we replaced stuckness 
with upleveling interval?

What if we replaced struggle
with an invitation for deeper inner work?

What if we replaced having blocks
with readiness to shed light on our blind spots?

And what if we replaced the feeling of time wasted
with the knowing that it is all adding up?

The knowing that everything we place into our growth
piles up and builds our growth further…

Isn’t it time we change…
our availability for stuckness
and how fast we are bouncing back 
into expansion?


Build Wealth Faster

These shifts changed me.

I stopped identifying myself with the struggle.
I stopped identifying myself with the time pressure.
I stopped identifying myself with the evidence so far. 

And instead,
I started trusting the invisible.
I allowed everything I do, feel into and choose to add up.

I felt myself an evolving work of energetic art.
I felt myself sending energetic projections 
through space and time.

I took each bump as a new opportunity to dive deeper
I made the shifts again and again and again…. 

I chose to know it is all working.
I chose to see it all growing. 

Eventually, reality caught up.

Big time.
Just as it always does.

Does this resonate?
Let me know below.



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