GrowthThere is something that still surprises me
even after these past 4 years of deep inner work:

People tend to be far more frozen
by their fear of success
than by the thought of actually failing on their way there.

I thought it was nonsense,
until I started working deeper with my spirituality gifts.

Until this morning when…
I declared myself open to receiving
more direct communication from my guides.

And then…
I felt a very concrete presence in my room
a wave of energy touching my hair.
An electricity charge around my body.

And I freaked out.
With the presence.

And then with the thought:
OMG, I am blocking this!
I am afraid that it can actually be!

In our human mind,
the deepest desire lives still
in the unknown.

We are afraid we can’t hold it.
We are afraid of what it would mean.
We are afraid it would be too much.

We are afraid of receiving it.
Even if the heart says ‘I am ready’.


Make This Growth Mindset And Energy Shift

what if there was no more doing,
no more searching, no more fixing required
and in fact, all that you needed now
was just an opening of your energy?

If you feel this is true – start here:

Breathe into your heart, and feel into this:
I am ready and available now.
I am opening myself up to receiving it.
I am allowing space for it to unfold now.
I am capable to hold it – as of right now.

I deserve this. My work deserves this.
I can feel myself being at $…./month
I can feel myself playing at $…./month.
The easier it gets, the easier it gets.
It all feels easier and easier.

I am worthy of growth.
I am safe.
I am supported.
I am guided.

I am stabilized where I am.
This is my minimum now.
And I am ready for more.

I am ready. I am open. I am available.

Feel yourself expanding.
Feel it done.
Walk with the belief.
Trust it.

You arrived.


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