When was the last time
you looked into your eyes,
in the mirror,
and chose to feel love and acceptance
to yourself?

Never? Recently? Yesterday?

Here’s the thing:
our capacity to receive
is deeply linked into
what we can give to ourselves
first and foremost.

And this giving
starts with approving of ourselves
accepting and loving ourselves
with all our flaws, weaknesses
and silly parts.

The more we put ourselves down,
the more we shrink our magic
and close down our channel.

And, the more we practice to love our being,
and appreciate our own presence,
the more we open up to receiving.

It’s an ebb and flow thing. The pulse of life.



Positive Affirmations For Soul Alignment

So breathe into your heart
and feel into this with me
(later you can do this
while looking into your own eyes
in the mirror)

I now choose to heal my heart.
I now choose to forgive myself more often.
I now choose to be more compassionate with the being in me.
I now choose to accept myself for being late, not there yet, behind.

I now choose to accept my weaknesses.
I now choose to accept the parts I’ve been judging.
And I now choose to know, feel and trust I am beautiful the way I am.

I now choose to own my strengths.
I now choose to own my wins.
And I now choose to grow because I love myself,
instead of needing to be someone else.

I now choose to be kind to myself through the whole process.
I now choose to trust my body, gut and inner guidance and follow them beyond doubt.

I now choose to trust myself and my value
and own the power I hold through my presence.

I now choose to feel I am important enough to be helped, protected and guided
by the highest most divine forces along my growth path.

And I now choose to feel deeply deserving of love, wealth, impact and my dreams.

I now choose to honor my divine nature.
And return always to who I am – love.


And so it is.


PS I am extending an energetic invitation
to all those who know the value of this inner work.

This is for business owners who know that the practical part
is just a mere fragment of the mindset and energy elevation
behind any true success.

If you feel this truth – my mastermind might be for you.

It comes with the deepest inner shifting into magic
within a group where you’ll meet your soul family.

Some of the most recent results of doing the work inside this space?
5-figues in one single day, the highest months…
more flow, alignment and ease than ever before.

Does this resonate?

Start here.


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