This is one of the biggest, most exciting announcement I've made 
in the whole 2021!

Something that happens
only once per year:

The Yellow Week Extravaganza
starts today!

And you are invited to take full advantage of everything my soul
wants you to have access to these days.
Curious what this means?
You have it all unveiled below.

But before, here's a short story:

For the first 3 years of having a business,
Back Friday felt intimidating and scary.

The idea of inventing something 'special' felt hard.
And the noise everyone made around this week felt discouraging.

So I did what every entrepreneur finding themselves playing small at times
 does regularly:
I decided I am above selling
And I stuck to my normal show-up-while-hiding activities.

Sound familiar? :)

Now, this very day last year,
I was in front of the fireplace in our living room
watching the dance of the flames in the calm of the afternoon
when it just hit me:

I want, NO, I CHOOSE, to create an offer never seen before.
And I choose to do it on my terms!

I felt inspired, excited, ready
rock this Black Friday-ish thing.

The idea of the Yellow Week Extravaganza dropped in
and a new yearly tradition was started!

Coming back to today,
this is when we kick off

The Yellow Week Extravaganza

one week of expansion, openness and no-brainer yes to your soul
Next level guidance, secrets and strategies
- the practical, energetic and mindset sides of it
for the easiest yes in the whole year.

For the next days of the Yellow Week Extravaganza,
you can choose between several no-brainer options
with offers you get only once a year.

They include  ONE OFF sessions with me
(I NEVER do one-offs,
except for the 7 spots I open this week)

AND some of my top programs

All the invitations - for a symbolic investment.

Wildly crazy! :)
And definitely only accessible here. Once a year. Now.

I only work 1:1 inside my high-level programs and mastermind.

But on this page only, 
you can have one off 1:1 session with me

This is for you if you felt called to my work,
but you have not moved past the resistance
to invest  thousands of dollars
in your growth.

This one-off session is your chance to start saying yes to your soul.
And discover the transformative power of this choice.

The Yellow Week also gives you access to 4 of my TOP courses
- programs worth between $1,000 and $1,500 -
for an average 90% OFF.

This is my gift to you.
My gift for being part of my community
and committing to your change and next levels now.

I'm beyond honored, joyful and excited to bring this to you now.
And I'm holding massive space for the deep, 
business, money and life shifting experience you're about to access.

Work with me 1:1 - for a price available only once per year

60 Minutes To Return To The Magic Of Your Soul

  • Reconnect back to your power
  • Start embodying your next level now
  • Expand your capacity to receive what you truly desire

Get any of my 4 BEST selling and most powerful programs 
for over 90% off!!!! 
OR, you can get them all 4 for $444
and I'll add in a 5th for free - worth $997!!

Get back to your core. Get back to your power.

Open up your channels to feel,
know and follow your higher guidance

And start doing the soul work
you've always been supposed to do
While becoming ALL
you were always meant to become

Allowing ease, flow and instant receiving.

4 weeks of pure magic to help you get aligned, own your power and become a money manifesting queen.

This course is EVERYTHING.
Everything you need to step up, and claim what is yours.

I'll help you dive deep within, connect with your truth, connect with your power, and start living the life and purpose you've always been meant to live.

6 weeks to release the story of struggle and hiding and fully own the queen and Magnetism Power you know you have

YOUR elevation journey to own your core truth, 
quit marketing like the masses 

and get seen, heard, 
AND well paid 
for being YOU.


✔ free to express yourself
✔ free to show up boldly
✔ free to allow yourself be seen and heard truly
✔ free to receive all that is possible and available for you now, 

free to be who you truly are
when you peel off the old layers of hurt

4 of my BEST selling and most powerful programs, 
each of them usually priced around $1,000
all only $111 or $222 for the most potent of them all!!!! 

Just for these days during this Yellow Week Of Extravaganza :)

And as the better it gets, the better it gets

You can get all the 4 for $444 and I'll gift you a 5th for free!! 

Check it below. These courses are detailed, go deep, are created from my soul 
and are infused with a high frequency that is programmed to touch your soul 
and speed up your growth in the highest, easiest and most graceful ways.

And I'm holding massive space for the deep
business, money and life shifting experience you're about to access.

So overjoyed and excited to share this work with you!

21 days to start selling 
with confidence and ease
and unleash your wealth

Get a deep dive 
into exactly how to create, 
launch and sell your best money making ideas and get paid with ease

VALUE: $997
FREE when you buy all the 4 programs 

Total value you receive: $5,200
Investment now: $444

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