Today I was going through the usual work of aligning with my next level, when something new came up.

Something I hadn’t seen before.
When I stepped into the being of the next level, I felt myself shrink, and when I asked why, this came up:
What if then there’s nothing to want anymore?
What if life gets boring, since you have it all?

Now, believe me: at a conscious level, I do know this is not true. But my subconscious

feels differently – even if I remember getting through this story shift some years ago too….

What does this mean to you? 2 important things:

1. Inner work is an ongoing work.
There are shifts that you make once and then you have to make them again,
choosing what is the truth you want to embrace,
deciding again, and again, and again.

2. Once you notice the limiting story, it’s your responsibility to shift it.

Here’s how I did it today:
I always have access to a new next level of growth and being.
I always have access to a new level of contribution, wealth, freedom and joy.
The more I have, do and become, the more clarity I have on my next higher levels.
There are always new next level experiences, freedom and fun that I can access, enjoy and feel enriched by.
My growth is infinite, just like the Universe.
My joy and fulfillment are continuously expanding, with each level.
My contribution, impact and freedom are continuously expanding, with each level.
My comfort, ease and fun are expanding, with each level.
The more I grow, the more fun I have.
The more I grow, the easier it gets.
The more I grow, the more fulfillment, purpose and freedom I feel.
It’s possible for me to have it all and live a peaceful, blessed and purposeful life with my loved ones.
It’s safe to have it all without fear.
It’s safe for me to have it all. And enjoy it with ease.
It’s safe for me to have it all.

Does this resonate? 


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