Do you have moments
when you find yourself being
painfully aware that you just feel ‘blah’?

And have no idea
how to move yourself out of that?

Maybe you keep having
these recurrent thoughts
I’m feeling super negative
Nothing is working
I’m just blocking myself
Everything is going to sh…

Maybe you feel guilty for doing it.
Maybe you’re working a lot on healing, while feeling stuck and frustrated.

But it’s a vicious circle, and there’s no visible way out of it.

In these very moments,
use a pivoting short command for your brain:

Like literally telling yourself out loud ( the better way)
or silently, in your inner arena:
Shift! Shift! Shift!

Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Method
– anyone else obsessed with the work of this guy?
no? just me?.. :)) –

recommends the word ‘ Cancel’ – to interrupt the thought pattern.

I prefer ‘Shift’, because it also opens the door to the new path.
I literally imagine a big sponge erasing the negative image
and my energy pivoting towards what I want.

Once in that spot, you want to bring up
the ideas
and actions
of what you actually want.

There’s no way I am hitting my income goal this month.

Catch the thought, and before beating yourself up for having it
choose to erase it, and feel your energy pivoting.

Then run the new software, saying

Actually, there’s always more to go around.
It’s possible for me to receive what I want,
for the greatest good of myself and others.

I choose to know and trust that new clients and sales
flow to me out of nowhere, like by magic, from the flow and with ease.
I now choose to receive _____ by ____
I now choose to live in magic.

I choose to know and trust it is all done now.

This last part is really up to you.
The main idea though is to rapidly shift into the energy of possibility.
And from there into the vision, emotions and the inspiration of your next level.

It’s a day by day practice. It’s a day by day choice.
And… it’s so worth it.


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