How you do it?

Here’s the short answer

⭐1. maintain clarity around your message
(a confused mind feels uninspired & tends to hide)

⭐ 2. maintain clarity around why you do what you do (magic for inner discipline)

⭐ 3. be honest around how much time/energy you wish to use for your business

⭐ 4. simplify so you focus – so you excel

⭐ 5. be aware when the work is done, and you start overdoing it
(burn out is the main sabotage for high-achievers)

Now, the deeper answer:

I just took a week off my business.
and my business continued to grow.

Because I stayed consistent,
first of all – energetically.

✨ Consistency means intentionality ✨

Consistency means
continuing plugged in energetically,
even when you just be, without doing.

Consistency means
intentionally holding the energy
of where you go

AND showing up from that energy
every time you do show up.

Consistency is….

And yes,
consistency also means
you show up in a way that is SUSTAINABLE
for your energy.

A way that
✔️fits your life
✔️fits your preferences
✔️fits your need for playtime too.

When you follow YOUR consistency
you get free to grow in the most delightful way.

you know you do the work
so the doors to receiving feel & get open.


you release any old guilt and frustration
for not being able to be ‘consistent’ and grow
by other people’s rules.

Setting this growth standard,
like all the standards we hold ourselves to

is deeply linked into our personal power.


How powerful we feel our inner being to be
in their doing

and how we imprint certainty
in everything we put out
and then expect to receive back.


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