Do you recall a time in your business
when you felt much more successful
than you feel, let’s say, right now?

Wondering why that success did not get higher and higher
so that you now naturally find yourself much further along the line?

Here’s what I’ve noticed.

We all start off thinking of winning.
We dream the great dreams.

And in the beginning, we probably don’t even recognize the mistakes we make.

But as we gain more and more experience,
we begin to concentrate more and more on playing the higher game,
comparing ourselves with others
trying to measure up and eliminate set backs,
afraid to fail, afraid to get disappointed.
And that can be dangerous.

Because… Once we start focusing less on success
and more on avoiding failing or falling behind
we tend to fail and stay behind.

Your results are driven by your beliefs, expectations and vibration.
This you already know.

What you probably forgot is that even negative words you keep saying
weaken your energy and your physical body.
For real.

So if your thoughts and words have that effect on the physical body,
is it any wonder they ripple out in your energy field
being picked up by others too?

High vibration people make those around them feel better.
And that’s what your tribe will be paying for.
Your vibe, and how that makes them feel about themselves.

So short, essential practice to integrate:
Start your days thinking about your past successes.
Anything – big or small – that comes up for the day.

Own that past success. Know you created it.
Feel it expanding.
Feel its energy projected in your future wins.
Feel yourself succeeding.
Feel yourself on your way.
Feel yourself joyful, proud, certain and free.

And then look around and see what you notice.


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