I had this huge clarity moment today
and in a few minutes, concepts I’ve been teaching for years
suddenly became clearer, simpler and easier to lock in
than ever before

all through one BIG download:

When we are truly grounded in our power
there is no more need for exterior validation.

So listen up:
The more you hurry up, the more you slow yourself down
And the more anchor yourself in your power, the faster you go

Because that’s when you stop doing the things
for te purpose of seeing yourself validated
(through money, results, exterior appreciation)

and you start focusing on what you truly, deeply, wqant to create
for the sake of your expression
for your own joy.

The paradox?
At a power/validation level,
the more you stop caring about others
the more they start caring about you.

Because your light – your being free in your expression,
reminds them of their own light
and they want what you have
stillness, certainty, the inner glow.

So where are you deciding just to immediately look for the proving signs?
where do you choose to trust, just to turn around still seeking more validation?

and where do you feel you need the results,
because once you have them, you can finally….
feel good about yourself
feel respected
feel valuable
feel enough…?

And what if these confidence, neediness and trust holes were magically fixed?
what if you could finally feel whole, perfect and complete,
deeply free to be, do and have what you want….?

what would then disappear from your limitations?
how would you beam out differently?
what would you feel differently?
and what different choices would you make?

Write down what comes up for you.
Trust the inner guidance.
And follow it.



This message is not about burning the ego. As it is still needed in this human life.
This is about working with your ego,
learning to identify its limitations
learning how to come more from your heart
and finally own your power.

PPS Feeling tired of 

following other people’s rules
feeling constantly behind
working yourself into overwhelm
while feeling guilty for not doing even more

And you just KNOW that there is a part of you
that doesn’t scale up, won’t scale up
because it is so scared of more work, responsibility and overwhelmed.

Your soul longs for alignment
Your heart tells you you can grow on your terms
Your knowing is showing you now it’s time
to let go of the old. And step up.

First step?

Consciously open up to more receiving.

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