I am celebrating.
April brought multiple 5-figures in sales and we are only half way through it!

So grateful to have this business that allows me to impact so much further
outside the walls of my house, finding purpose and getting paid
– even while in confinement.

The freedom, gratitude and fulfillment that come with this!…

I was feeling into this today,
and my commitment to help you create your version
of purposeful, free and wealthy living felt stronger than ever.

The exact reason why I feel inspired to share with you
the 5 shifts that were GOLD to my finances, my freedom and my alignment.

And that I encourage you to start using right away.

1. I fully turned inward, and started to create exclusively from there.

This is very much opposed to everything
I had been doing in the beginning of my business,
when I was still paying for and chasing marketing recipes.

When I realized I had paid (again)
thousands of dollars for a funnel that was just limping
– all while my clients were attracted exclusively by my content,
my showing up, my message and my heart….
I decided to finally learn the (expensive) lesson.

And focus on the only place where my wealth was coming from:
My energy, my inner guidance and my truth.

2. I rewired my mind to be an ignorant of the ugly

This is SO relevant right now, when it is so easy to pick up
other people’s struggles, worries and overall limitations
getting sucked into the spiraling down…

But it is also a rule to embrace no matter the times.

Two years ago, when I started paying attention,
I realized how dark were the lenses
through which I was choosing to look at the reality around.
Despite all the work on myself and mindset!

I would take the failures personally,
I would make things mean always something
about my value and what was possible for me
I would focus on what was not working, trying to fix it and push my way through it…

Until one day I got really tired.
And I decided to rewire my mind to become an ignorant of the ugly.

I started focusing only on possibilities.
And I started to celebrate and take in only the beauty, good and inspiring.

Everything changed fast.

3. I chose to always expect the best.

Ok, this one was the most difficult.

I come from an East European post-communist culture
where we were educated to be masterful critics,
fine observers of all the flaws around
and sharp predictors of all possible disasters.

It’s a matter of history, and how politics, wars and empire conflicts
shaped the souls and minds of a country in Europe and Asia.
And I was a proud catastrophe predictor myself.

Until my heart deeply recognized I’m also a powerful Creator.
And what I project in the future becomes my future.

So I reversed it all.

And my mantras now – something I obsessively share with my clients are:

It is what it is and that’s all that it is.
Visible and invisible forces are working for me now.
This is working out for the highest good now.
I now choose to feel taken care of, protected and guided – at all times.
It is this or something better

4. I learned to surrender.

I am such a control freak in recovery.
And this part of my personality slowed me down more than I care to admit.
Until I was tired of moving slowly. I was tired of waiting.

And I realized that anything can happen at anytime.
But when you have no faith, no trust and try to control it, you’re blocking it.

The required steps?
>> choose to let go of needing the damn thing in the first place
>> choose to be content with where you already are
>> choose to entrust a higher intelligence / The Source / the Universe with your miracle
and let that force do its job

5. I consciously chose to embody the next level me

Hear me out, this is not fake it till you make it.
This is connecting with that YOU who already has it all.
Feeling the energy, stepping into the feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions and being of that YOU.

And then choosing to show up and create from there.

Fast creation of high vibe reality
is possible only when you operate at the same consciousness level with it.

Take these 5 shifts and use them.
I assure you, they are not only business changing.

They are life changing.

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