You have a passion
You have a mission
and you have a business
started with big dreams
to change the world
and get well paid for doing it

But right now… things are looking better on paper
than in your bank account.

And the matter of fact is that
even if you’ve been working on yourself for years,
even if you know all the theory, you read all the books
and you tried all the affirmations….
something is missing

Growth feels slow, hard work, overwhelming
Moving forward feels depleting

And, at the end of the day,
you are left tired and with no more energy
for yourself, life, and the rest of the things
that matter to you.

You know it:
You are out of alignment with who you are here to be.

And this is rooted into something deeper
than your doubt, fear and your not-enoughness inside.

This is rooted in
your old hurt
your old identity and emotions
 telling you, behind the rational…
I am hurting
I am broken
I don’t have what it takes
I’m ashamed
I’m invisible
I’m not worthy
I’m not able to pull this through
I keep failing
I’m not loved. I am not lovable…
I’m an impostor.
I’m damaged…

And this small niggling voice?
It won’t shut up.

The more tired you are,
the louder it gets.
The more caught into the push you are,
the more painful that voice gets.

No matter how many times you shift,
the old stories keep catching up with you
Like an old shadow, that wouldn’t go away.

So tiresome. And so frustrating.

So needed to finally decide it:
It’s time to… HEAL.

So, here’s something I want you to remember and own:

There is another way, an easier way
A faster, aligned growth way
That’s been eluding you – until now.

The truth?
You are already growing.
You are already moving forward.
You are already on your path

And there’s nothing that can stop you
getting further and further.

You can do this with spinning and hard work
Feeling overwhelmed
Pushing uphill
Sacrificing your energy
Time and relationships for it
In the name of your growth


You can do this while taking your foot off the brake
Giving yourself permission to
lean into ease
lean into trust
grow easier, faster and more fulfilling
than ever before

What is required?

Your courage.
To stop pushing the hurt away
To stop muscling your way through your resistance
Just because it’s easier.

And look at your pain instead,
Acknowledge it, process it,
Understand it
And grow through it.

So you can finally move on.
Lighter. Truer. Freer.

FREE to be who you are

free to express yourself
free to show up boldly
free to allow yourself be seen and heard truly
free to grow your business without the foot on the brake
 free to receive all that is possible and available for you now, without turning off the tap and sabotaging it all
 free to live, grow and enjoy your business, work and life

free to be who you truly are
when you peel off the old layers of hurt

And then?
Then it all gets clearer, cleaner, easier. Faster.

a 30-day journey to letting go of the old and hurt, shedding light, transmuting
and consciously shifting into your higher levels of being,
money, impact and freedom.

This program will rock your world…

This is for the empath soul-driven woman

Who has been carrying an undefined heaviness around
for the most of her life

Feeling trapped, limited and slowed down

Even when, for the rest of the world,
it looked like she was racing
And making massive strides.

Deep down, she always knew it.
Yes, she is deserving
Her work is valuable
She is going to make it, eventually,
Without a doubt.

But boy, that heaviness of the chest,
the sense of slow motion,
and the deep inner frustration with herself
feel endless.

All while she KNOWS
She’s been always knowing
She’s here for something great

All while while she’s always been, at her core,
a visionary, an uplifter, a healer.
A Queen.


So, who am I to take you through this process?

I am Cristina Bold.

And once upon a time,
I left behind a socially honored banking executive job to call myself a healer
And start a business that helps women
Create wealth by following their purpose.

In this journey, I had to face
my own inner dragons and shadows,
and go through my own releases, activations and upgrades.

6 figures, hundreds of clients, and a few years later,
this process became my mission.

Empowering, motivating and activating
badasses leaders like you
do the same:

Heal, let go of the heaviness,
move into lightness, be all of who they are freely
so they can create the impact, freedom and wealth
they see in their heart.


Here’s What You’ll Get:


and hence, your deservedness and receiving.
Because you can’t receive what you don’t feel it’s possible for you AND you deserve.

Let’s get honest
You know you are worthy
you know your work is worthy
and you also know you deserve to be well paid.

But knowing is not the same with feeling it. Owning it.
Beaming it out, through your energy,
so the world gets to reflect that back to you.

And that’s mostly the part where you end up stuck.

it’s time to release those old emotions, hurt and stories
>> the kind of person you are
>> what is possible for you generally
>> what is accessible for you now.

It’s time to peel off those layers of limitations.
And step into the person who you are becoming.
Automatically upleveling your capacity to receive, have and enjoy
higher levels of wealth, creativity, freedom.

In this 90 minute training, we cover:

>> why using only mantras, affirmations and visualization does not work
>> how to create deep change, that sticks and lasts
>> how to identify and release negative emotions in the easiest way
>> how to identify and heal emotional wounds in the FASTEST way
>> how to shift, release and grow easier than ever before
>> how to identify and shift limiting beliefs,

so you uplevel your deservedness and receiving.
Because you can’t receive what you don’t feel it’s possible for you AND you deserve.

MODULE BONUS: Healing Resistance Ego and Self-Sabotage

This is truly a tricky part.

Because sabotage works as an under-current
And when you become aware of it,
It’s usually quite late down the line –
you’re already being taken away by it,
in a storm of blame, guilt and shame.

So, yes, it’s of utmost importance
to heal the emotions around those old patterns
learn the lesson
know how to avoid the old traps
and move on.

Not healing

means you keep yourself trapped in resistance
and even if you do make progress,
this progress feels slow, hard and tiring
exactly what fighting against yourself feels like.

Healing it
means you release the patterns that uselessly consume your energy, time and attention
and you replace them with healthier ways of fulfilling your soul, mind and body needs
so you don’t need sabotage and resistance in the first place.


The spiritual, energetic and your own magic healing.

Or, more precisely, the healing
Of your connection to the biggest part of you
Those parts you’ve been doubting, ignoring or just simpy feeling disconnected from

Here’s the truth:
You can create your reality acting from your physical dimension
With enough push, spinning and hard work.

OR… you can consciously elevate yourself in the higher dimensions
Of your being (emotional, energetic, spiritual, and mental)
AND re-arrange your reality.
Guided. Faster. Easier.More aligned.

Not healing
You’ll just keep pushing and making it happen till the end.

Means simply you owning, and activating your truest power.

You’ve always known this power
Transcends your own human abilities, knowing and self.

By activating your higher dimensions, you can expect
>> increasing ease and creativity
>> an increased sense of certainty around what you are meant to do and how you are meant to be doing it
>> soul recognition and deeper connection between your soul clients / soul tribe and you
>> increased magnetism – people start being drawn to you, guided to you, through mind-blowing synchronicities
>> marketing, selling and growing your wealth become just a free expression of who you are and your truest, deepest passion
It all starts working beyond what you’ve ever experienced before

In this 50 minute masterclass we cover:
>> the difference between self-sabotaging questions and the questions that connect you to higher levels of consciousness
>> exact journal prompts for starting to access your Highest Self
>> how exactly to start tuning into soul and feeling your way into alignment
>> how exactly you start eliminating self-defeating / sabotaging behavior
>> the fastest way to dissolve hurt, pain and unhealthy behaviors and patterns
>> how exactly you can use aligned action for healing
>> how to cultivate an ever stronger connection with your Highest Self and your highest guidance system
and so much more


One of the most emotionally charged relationships in your life.

We’ll walk shoulder to shoulder giving you the courage to look into
all the resentment
all the shame
all the guilt
and all the blame.

All the crazy stories you’ve been projecting into and carrying into this relationship.

Of course, you can always choose NOT to heal.
But how has that been working for you so far?

Manking decisions based on scarcity?
Saying no to the things you wished you could say yes to?
Worrying about your ability to make money?
Worrying about your ability to waste the money once you make it?
Growing painfully slow and playing for ages at the levels of just enough?
Constantly worried, constantly on the edge, constantly spinning?

Here’s what healing your relationship with money will bring you:
Certainty, calm and safeness
You’ll find out money is a frequency
And you’ll master the simple art of aligning to it
So you can freely start receiving it
Once the negative conditioning blocking your channel is gone.

Your expectations, standards and hence reality – go up.
And you start discovering new levels of ease, fulfillment and growth

In this 60-minute masterclass we cover:
>> the 4 main blocks to receiving the money you want and how exactly you shift each one of them
>> how you dial up your beliefs AND expectations
>> how you uplevel your energetic standards for money
>> how you let go of attachment and step into allowing and fast receiving (this part is essential)
and so much more


Remember those days when you feel invincible?
Your next level feels so near, you can alsmot live there.

The crazy goals feel solid, destined and yours to be, of course.
You feel unstoppable. You feel limitless. You feel magic.

And then?
Then you get deflated.
A new flop happens.
You fall short from your goals – once more.
And the small voice reminds you that…
You’ve been fooling yourself.
Who are you to want all this?
You’re being so unrealistic…

So you lose your excitement.
You lose your motivation and drive.
You gradually lose certainty.
And slowly but surely, you risk ending up
Losing your dreams.

The risk of staying here?
You get to make more choices out of fear.
You start limiting yourself in what you want.
And you end up buying into the limitness of ‘who am I to want this?..’
Moving in circles. Working hard. Creating only more of the same.

What’s on the other side of healing?
Consistent, deep connection to your power, vision and certainty.
The energy of ‘just watch me!’
Your open possibilities.
Your growth.

In this 40-minute masterclass we cover:
>> how you tune back into your highest motivation when you feel lost, down, with no drive
>> how you free yourself from your biggest fears so you start creating from a place of freedom, and creativity and fun
>> how EXACTLY you tune into the energy of certainty
>> how you elevate yourself into full self-acceptance, self-love, letting go of the need to prove yourself
so you can finally access your Highest potential with no more limitations
and so much more

So, the question is – are you willing to heal?

Are you willing to do the INNER work of allowing yourself to BE that person?

And are you willing to also do the PRACTICAL work of making space for it,
and elevating your presence no matter where you’re at in your business
right now?

The choice, as always, is yours.

You can either keep on making it hard
while doing the busy work which you know is not your true work,
and continue feeling unheard, unseen and overwhelmed –

Or you can shed the old layers keeping you small
And you can now own your truth.

Activate your power.
And allow yourself to grow freely.
Easily, wildly. Exactly as you were meant.

This is the journey you offer yourself when you join in.

When you say yes to this program
You say yes to living your truest purpose
AND making money from being YOU.
On repeat.

You were born for it.
And now it’s your time to heal deeper
and fully embody your greatness.


Lifetime access to over 7 hours of trainings 
Everything is broken down and easy to integrate
Each week you get access to a new module
– with the work to integrate for the week

Besides the weekly videos – you get a mixture of audio and written lessons.

​All content yours to keep for life – the same as future updates and add in to the body of work



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