I’ve been spending the last days around this gorgeous pool
overlooking the South of Portugal hot hills.

Perfume of rosemary bushes, olive trees, and pine trees
mixing together in the hot ocean breeze. 

The perfect place to turn 40. 
Which has finally happened to me too… 🙂

I thought I’d be challenged by the age change.
But I surprisingly found myself being filled with joy.
And gratitude. And excitement for what’s to come.

One of the reasons being – I’ve started the highest level
heart and energy activation I have ever had access to until now
(more on this later, as I advance in the journey)

The other reason – easier to explain –
is this renewed sense of certainty, power and calm
coming from a deeper understanding of what I have always known:

We can literally have anything we want
exactly as or even better than we want it
once we bring our energy in alignment to it.

And I am saying this while 
looking at the infinity pool overlooking the hills
watching my kid playing in the water
having my soulmate husband next to me
and while getting to create, experience and enjoy
abundance – every single day
just by being me.

Such far-far-away dream reality
for the stressed out, dug into grueling work
and unhealthy relationships me
years ago.

So, listen:
We are not in the physical reality
Physical reality is within us, within our consciousness.

And in order to be able to CHOOSE the reality you prefer
the most important shift is to start seeing reality
as a reflection of your energy state
the same as looking at yourself into a glass mirror.

Most people would start working on the mirror
– embellishing it, cleaning it, reshaping it
or changing it several times altogether.

But the truth is that the reflection in there
will only change when you turn inward
and start changing your inner state:

Your beliefs, your expectations, your vibration.
In other words, your state of being.

When you do that consciously,
you activate and start accessing your potential.

Reality will start working for your desires effortlessly
And your life, and business, turn into a series
of synchronicities, where daily miracles are the norm.

So I am asking you:
If you could magically change the image in the mirror,
your current physical reality,

What would you see in there – instead of what you have now?
And who would that person – that is you – be?
What would be the biggest changes in her beliefs,
what she knows to be true,
what would her her expectations be?

Let me know in the comments what comes up for you. ?

A new container of magic is about to happen.
It will be only for a selected few, a limited number
of soul-driven, women committed to their purpose

who will get unlimited support with their business
but, most importantly with upgrading their state of being

so that magic becomes their natural state of creativity, flow and growth.

Want to know more?

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