Yesterday I stopped a plane, met a series of angels and saved my family vacation to Maldives, all while having the toughest and most miraculous day so far this year.

Long story short, I left my passport in an embassy to receive the necessary visa for our summer vacation. All in Lisbon, Portugal.

And then caught the next flight back home, to Porto. I had manifested availability in a much earlier flight than the late afternoon one I had booked (#ofcourse)

And I was happily breathing my race away, while now comfortably seated in my return flight seat.

One half a breath after I jumped off my seat with dismay:
My passport was left in an embassy to have it returned by next week.
AND I was supposed to leave to Maldives BEFORE that!

Fully blown panic seconds followed
my family had been buzzing about our vacation for the last 2 months
I was looking forward to it too
it was all paid…
I couldn’t blow this off!

the spinning was creeping in,
the black hole was opening up in my heart
when something inside kicked in
I started moving away from the inner noise
and found myself stepping into utter surrender.

I closed my eyes and received the inspiration
I had to get out of the plane.
A closed plane, ready to take off?
Yes, that’s it. Now, Fast!

So I jumped off my seat, and rushed to the flight attendants.
In one breath, told my story and, to my surprise, I received only compassion
Suddenly, a women power movement was set into motion.

2 flight attendants started pleading my cause to the pilot.
And I was there just to watch, while surrendering a bit more with each second.
I was surrendering the outcome of the conversation
I was surrendering my going to a very serious embassy asking them to derogate from procedures
I was surrendering the race against time
I was surrendering the vacation my kid and husband had been buzzing around for 2 months
I was surrendering my very tired body, with only 2 hours of sleep in the previous night.

I was surrendering it all.
choosing to know it’s all working out for me.
AND choosing to take inspired action.
and not stop until seeing it done.

And then, the miracles happened one after another.
The doors of the plane opened,
I was allowed to leave the airport immediately
(contrary to what the plane pilot was telling me)
I was received by the most supporting compassionate people in the embassy
I was received by the consul himself, without any appointment
(we are speaking about one of the top nation embassies in this world, right?)

And all my way was sprinkled with many other miracles of different sorts in their own way
everything was sorted out.
Smoothly, quickly, gracefully.

Now, what does this story have to do with you?

It’s your reminder:
Unleashing and owning your magic doesn’t mean life becomes all unicorns and rainbows.
(though this kind of party does describe many times this reality …)

It means that whatever life throws at you
you are able to handle it gracefully, easily and to your benefit
because you choose to use every experience for your growth
because you choose what you see in it all
because you have your channels open to receive the inner guidance
because it’s easy to follow the inspired action
because it’s easier and easier to surrender
and it’s easier and easier to RECEIVE.

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