I was pretty quiet in the last 2 weeks.

But for the best of the reasons: I took time off with my family and traveled through Canada.

And it was the first time in my business when I succeeded being fully present with Nuno and our daughter. During a full vacation, that is. ?

The reason for this personal achievement might have something to do with the fact that I doubled my last year business in the first 7 months of this year. (haaappy dance here!

But I’m pretty sure that it’s also connected with my new understanding on business and life:

Your wealth, your impact and your joy come always from BEING, not from DOING.

And I have the proof!

Since I’ve stopped chasing the strategy, the marketing recipe and the magic funnel.
And I’ve truly committed to the inner work, learning to access, hold and create from the Flow,

True magic has happened in my business. And in my life.

In short, I now create more and I earn much more
Without stress
Without hard-work
Without pushing my physical limits (those long night hours, you know what I mean…??)
And without  always carrying my laptop around on vacation
(you know this one too, don’t you?…??)

Does it mean I never fall off the high vibe ride?
Not really.
But I know exactly how to bring myself back and restart from flow, alignment and deep knowing.

Here are some of the questions I’ve recently started using to reset my energy and get connected to the higher sources of inspiration and creativity:

1. What do I feel like today?
Here you just brain dump, naming your emotions and letting the nasty talk get up and out…

2. How do I want and choose to feel instead?
Here you again let it pour through you, unfiltered, unedited.

It can be something like…
I choose to feel inspired, creative and fully confident.
I choose to KNOW that my wealth, client and impact grow constantly
I choose to speed up the process of growth exactly as fast as I want.
I choose to receive guidance and inspiration NOW.
I now choose to receive $….
I choose to feel strong, magnetic an creative.
etc, etc, etc Let it out, allow yourself to just receive it and having it moving through you and onto the paper.

3. How does that truly feel like (in my body)?
Here you turn your attention to your physical body and check the sensation.
And if there’s no sensation that comes up ( it might happen), ask yourself the supporting question:

Even if I don’t know exactly how it feels in my body, if I did know, I’d feel ________.
Complete the sentence. ?✨?

And after you go through this journaling practice, hit reply and let me know how it went.


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Does this speak to you?
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