I bet you heard over and over again about the importance of having clear goals and visualizing them often. Now, if you’re like the great majority of people, just taking the above two steps hasn’t felt too useful or fast enough. Most of the times. Because, truth be told, sometimes it is really hard to make yourself BELIEVE that you can have your goals achieved now. There’s either a (not so) subtle doubt that it’s possible for you.

Or an underground fear that you don’t really deserve it. (Not without hard work, sacrifice and long time investment ….) So here’s a simple mind trick that will help you build more faith faster.It’s the same process I’m using for myself and my private clients to ‘accelerate’ faith and manifestation. Let’s say your goal is to create over $20k months consistently.But no matter how much you journal and try to imagine the ease of achieving your goal you can’t bring your energy aligned with this next level truth.

So the trick here is to imagine hitting a next-next-level goal: Eg hitting 6-figure months, for instance.

>> How would your life be different if you were making that much money?

>> What would you be doing differently in your business and life?

>> How would you feel if you already had that reality in your life right now?

Here’s the magic that happens: When you get to think long enough about the next-next level energy and reality, the initial goal stops feeling like a snap and starts feeling more like a stretch.An achievable stretch. Moreover, your strong intention starts to sharpen your attention.And you become more likely to notice the people, events and opportunities that appear in your life to help you achieve your financial goals.  It’s a mind trick that turns the impossible into a powerful possibility.And, ultimately, into reality. ???

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